Could My Teen Be Depressed?

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Mood swings, irritability, the desire to be alone . . . these are just a few of many characteristics by which parents define the teenage years. With all the statistics out there telling us that teen depression and suicide are on the rise, many parents wonder how they will know the difference between what is “normal” and what is a sign that their teen has a deeper problem.

Too Busy for Counseling?

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Too Busy for Counseling

Our lifestyles are often so busy that we don’t know if we can fit one more thing into our schedules. Many people believe they would benefit from counseling, but they struggle with concerns over the time commitment. Do you feel like you’re too busy for counseling? As internet speeds and video communication options have increased, online counseling via video has … Read More

Redefining Dysfunctional Family Relationships

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This article by Krista Lamber, M.A., appeared first here on her website and is used with permission. The TV binge of choice for my husband and I typically must involve some level of mystery. We escape from the demands of our life together by chatting about “whodunnit.” But, like many other Americans, we can’t help having a secret affection for “This … Read More