Forgive and Be Free

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You can forgive and be free today. God has forgiven you of all your sins when you accepted Jesus’ gift of salvation. So who are you to withhold forgiveness from another person, whether a Christian or not, who has wronged you? What if God forgave exactly how you are inclined to forgive? Pretty ugly, huh? Thank God for his instruction … Read More

Bitterness: Turn It into Better-ness!

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You can learn how to kill bitterness.  You can exchange bitterness for “betterness,” says biblical counselor and teacher Sherry Allchin, M.A. Chances are you know the look of bitterness. It … sours your face, may raise your blood pressure, and contribute to other unwelcome physical ailments. wards off friends, coworkers, even family when you let it out. eats you up … Read More

Helping Hurting Children

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helping hurting children

Helping hurting children is crucial today in the godlessness of the last days the Bible speaks of. All around our little ones are heartless, arrogant, out-of-control lovers of self, not God. They hurt children, and some of these children grow up angry, anxious, and lonely. Sherry Allchin, biblical counselor and teacher at Biblical Counseling Center, has developed a vital resource … Read More

Our 28 Most Popular Workshops

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most popular workshops

Our popular workshops reveal the heartbeat of Biblical Counseling Center: “Helping Churches Care for People.” Yes, our trained, experienced, certified biblical counselors come alongside hurting couples, men, women, teens, and children. Yes, the Counselor speaks compassionate truth to them, changing their hearts, changing their lives. Yes, chances are your pastor and leaders at your church are able to Counsel the … Read More

Wisdom for Abused Women

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abused women

Abused women, this is the truth: Abuse IS NOT love. You are not a doormat. God Almighty has the answer to freedom, wisdom, and a better life. This post first appeared here on biblical counselor Julie Ganshow’s blog. She’s right on — many abused women I’ve counseled have struggled just as she describes. Reprinted here at Biblical Counseling Center with … Read More

Story: Atheist Finds Jesus

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A counselee's story

Former atheist Don Vos was scared, lonely, and depressed and then he found Jesus. This mini-autobiography is part of our ongoing series “A Counselee’s Story.” They’re shared by folks we’ve counseled at Biblical Counseling Center. Here’s Don. When I first walked into Biblical Counseling Center’s office, I was scared, lonely, depressed and looking for answers. I had just decided to give up … Read More

SUICIDE: Why Suicide?

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why suicide

Suicide is. . . “a sense of hopelessness or inescapability, combined with a pattern of poor coping, a limited tolerance, and a flight from help coalesce in some manner to form suicidal intent.” – Jeffery S. Black That’s a dry definition of a loss that rips out the heart of loved ones left behind, isn’t it? Sometimes dry is all family … Read More

Interview with Dr. Ron Allchin, 2 of 2

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Friends, Dr. Ron Allchin, D. Min., shares his heart and this thoughts on God’s faithfulness to Biblical Counseling Center over the past 25 years! Read part 1 of this interview here.  Dr. Allchin extends to you an invition to our 25th Anniversary Celebration Banquet. Near the end of this post you’ll see a link to get your complimentary tickets. The more, the merrier as we enjoy … Read More

Story: Prodigal Husband, Pregnant Wife

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A counselee's story

This is a story of a prodigal husband and his pregnant wife who counseled with Sherry Allchin. The husband had left “Jaye” for one of his coworkers. She was alone, hurt deeply, and angry with a baby on the way. Yet … she wouldn’t divorce. Then God did something amazing. (Here’s parts of a recent emails correspondence between Jaye and Sherry. … Read More

Marriage as Ice Cream Sundae!

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Marriage as an ice cream sundae? Yes, an ice cream sundae is an apt metaphor for building a delicious marriage. Snag the download here. To build a delicious marriage, you begin with a bowl. With this “spiritual” foundation, the other great stuff of marriage piles on top–first the social and intellectual aspects as you build a friendship and then the emotional … Read More