Caring Like Christ: Part 1

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caring like Christ

Caring Like Christ is a mini-course designed for God’s Church.

Here’s your chance to preview it! The Caring Like Christ mini-course has four parts; it trains ministry leaders and people in the pew in the basics of biblical counseling. This mini-course is part of our larger 24-session Foundations in Biblical Counseling training course.

Part 1: Biblical Shepherding

Jesus took the time to care about people and to minister to their souls. Why was He so effective and what principles does the Bible teach that can guide us in helping others? The general principles of biblical shepherding will guide you no matter what kind of problems you encounter.

Biblical shepherds intentionally follow the pattern of Jesus as He interacted with his people. The gospels record many different conversations that Jesus and his disciples engaged in with those around them.

The Part 1 training video is below. At the end of the post are notes that go with the video. You may download them for personal ministry use.

Our Invitation

We encourage you to provide this mini-course at your church. Contact us if you want your church to offer it. Or, individually or as a church, go through the 24-lesson Foundations of Biblical Counseling training course together. You may learn more about this online, self-paced course at or here.

Biblical Counseling Center has taught our Foundations course to many thousands of people in the United States and throughout the world, in person and online.

Watch the Part 1 Training Video

Our Desire

Our desire is to help churches care like Christ by reclaiming the opportunity to counsel the hurting in their midst and community with a counseling process that is gospel-centered, biblical and practical.

Please contact us at for more information and to offer the mini-course at your church.

DOWNLOAD: You may download this PDF for personal ministry use with the video above. Keep in mind that this training material may not be altered, modified or incorporated into another training program in any way. Thank you.

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