Stay Safe from Child Sexual Abuse

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This post on child sexual abuse is the first in a four-part series on sexual sin and kids. On Tuesday, biblical counselor and teacher Sherry Allchin tackles pornography. Child sexual abuse is criminal and deeply wounds victims — emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Did you know that child sexual abuse is rampant? Crimes Against Children Research Center states that: 1 in 5 … Read More

Regret to Restoration

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regret to restoration

Is regret messing with your peace? Is your regret so painful that you’d like to erase a part of your past? Let’s look at regret — what it is, the two main types, and how to move from regret to restoration. Regret Defined Regret is feeling sorrow or remorse for something you did or failed to do. Sometimes regret becomes disappointment. This feeling … Read More

Do Real Men Cry?

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do realy men cry?

Jesus didn’t just cry a tear or two—he wept. He wept is the shortest verse in the Bible, yet so powerful! Jesus wept. John 11:35 (ESV) Was Almighty God displaying weakness? No. Rather, he felt deep compassion for his friends, whose brother Lazarus had died. Why Cry? Part 1 Is crying a sign of weakness? Did God give us tears to … Read More

Sexual Sin and Shame

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parenting prodigal

Sexual sin. Will the feeling of shame ever quit? A Christian man–let’s call him “Chris”–confesses a sexual sin to Jesus, who has forgiven him. (See Ephesians 1:7.)  Chris turns from the sin, knowing and dreading the moment he may sin sexually–again. He fears his error may become a life-dominating sin. The problem: Chris keeps reminding himself of the sexual sin … Read More

Spanking Kids

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spanking kids

Spanking kids — do people do that anymore, especially in today’s politically correct culture? (This is the second post in a series on disciplining children. Read the first post.) CNN Living’s article “Is It Okay to Spank?” reported in 2011 that most parents spank though “a distinguished list of experts has denounced spanking as ineffective, even dangerous.” The Spanking Kids … Read More

Why Children Disobey

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why children disobey

Ever wonder why children disobey? Or specifically why does your kid do the opposite of what the Bible instructs, encourage, and commands? You know God says kids should obey. You’ve read the verses and have shared them with your kids (and grandchildren). Children, obey your parents in the Lord, for this is right. “Honor your father and mother” (this is the first commandment with … Read More

Appreciate Your Spouse — Free Download

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Click here to download the Appreciate Your Spouse worksheet. This free download is a tool to help you and your spouse and strengthen your marriage. Sometimes a worksheet just isn’t enough . . . when marriage becomes crazy-hard, please consider getting help. Jesus wants to RESTORE your marriage so husbands love wives, and wives respect husbands, for God’s glory. Biblical … Read More

Why God NEVER Fears!

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God Never Fears

Did you know God NEVER fears? Like God, you and I feel grief, compassion, anger, and love. . .and so does God. Yes, God has emotions. But God never fears while we fear almost daily to some degree. God never fears anything; he never fears anyone. God is the Creator of everything and everyone. Because He is sovereign — which means … Read More

Son Honor Dad (Part 4)

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son honor dad

In Proverbs God says: Son honor Dad. And Mom too. Honoring your parents pleases God. Welcome to a special four-part series in time for Father’s Day! This post describes how sons can honor their dads.  Dr. Ron Allchin, D.Min., founder and executive director of BCC, wrote Growing in Wisdom: A Bible Study in Proverbs for Fathers and Sons, a book that makes … Read More