Helping Teens Series

Helping Teens Series: Caring for Teens Facing Trouble

In today's world, it's natural for parents and teachers to worry about the fears and dangers teens are facing today. This generation poses some new challenges and may take greater efforts to understand, but God calls those with maturity to seek to develop the next generation.

In this series, our counselors are unpacking how we can all care for teens who are facing different types of trouble.

All articles from the series:

How to Help Teens in Trouble

Teens are heading back to school soon, with some adults feeling that the greatest danger facing our teens is the rising COVID variant. However, long before COVID, many teens were already facing serious troubles. Simply reading the...

By Dr. Tim Allchin

How to Help Teens with Suicidal Thoughts and Behaviors

Incidences of teen suicide are on the increase in many countries around the world. Teen suicide in the United States is not an exception to this. Suicide is the second leading cause of death for people ages 10-24 according to the U.S....

By Dr. Ron Allchin

How to Help Teens Learn to Control Their Anger

Written by BCC Counselor Jerrod Tillotson. It can be difficult to know how to express strong emotions appropriately, especially when the strong emotion happens to be anger. In many instances, it seems that it can be more acceptable to...

By BCC Staff

How to Help Teens by Listening Well

Written by BCC Counselor Colleen Ryan. “You’re not listening to me!” “Why don’t you ever listen to me?” “How come you don’t put down your phone and listen to me!” Sound familiar? We live in a culture where there’s so much noise and...

By BCC Staff

How to Help Teens by Asking for Help

Written by BCC Counselor Mark Johnson. There are untold numbers of events in our teens’ lives that cause a crisis: having a brush with law enforcement, tragedies such as death and suicide, betrayal, gender confusion, and so many...

By BCC Staff

How to Help Teens Fighting Depression

This article is filled with references and resources to help you as a counselor or parent explore the root issues that can lead to your teen’s depression. This is not a comprehensive, all-inclusive list, but it will prime the pump in...

By Sherry Allchin
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