Welcome to Caring Like Christ

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Caring Like Christ

Welcome to Caring Like Christ! This five-part mini-series covers Biblical Counseling Basics. Video-driven, this series is a taste of what could happen in your life and your church through the Counsel of the Word. We hope you’ll want to know even more!

Biblical Counseling belongs in the church, don’t you agree? For nearly 2,000 years, Christians have comforted, encouraged, and challenged each other in truth and in love based on the Word of God. Nowadays, confusion reigns even among Christians. Many of today’s “Christian” self-help books and programs push man-centered philosophies, ignoring our greatest need: knowing God.

What Is Biblical Counseling?

Biblical Counseling is “the process in which believers seek to know, confront, strengthen, encourage, and disciple other believers to grow in their love for God and their neighbor, all for His glory,” says Elyse Fitzpatrick. Read Biblical Counseling Center’s description too. God is at the center of Biblical Counseling. His goal is changing us into the image of his Son so that we will glorify him.

Doesn’t it make sense that change is at the heart of Biblical Counseling as well? As a person grows in the likeness of Christ, their faithful living shows itself in the home, workplace, church, community, and the world.

God himself is the very first biblical counselor. Doesn’t this make perfect sense? Hear a couple of his counsels to Adam and Cain in Genesis 2 and Genesis 4. Biblical Counseling uses words motivated by love and deep concern. It also is goal-oriented. The goal: helping Christians live in a way that glorifies God through faithful service to Him. Does a person who’s biblically counseled find peace and contentment too? Yes. This is an outcome of a heart desiring to please God.

What is Caring Like Christ?

Caring Like Christ is a mini-course is designed for church leaders to tell their people about Biblical Counseling and for individuals to know more about Biblical Counseling or to become trained in Biblical Counseling.

The videos and downloads in Caring Like Christ is the first part of our 24-lesson Foundations of Biblical Counseling course available online at bcctraining.pathwright.com.

The Biblical Counseling Center has taught our Foundations course to many 1000s of people in the United States and around the world, in person and online.

Two Tasks for You:

  1. Participate in this complimentary mini-course. Watch, leave comments, ask questions at our blog and our Facebook page.
  2. Prayerfully consider signing up your church group or yourself for Foundations of Biblical Counseling online course. You’ll learn the why and the how. You’ll receive hundreds of pages of high-value teaching you can use immediately.

What People Are Saying

“When, as a pastor, I referred our people to BCC, I did so with confidence that they would be dealt with in a professional and biblical manner.” Dr. Keith Plummer

“Incredible life-changing ministry using God’s word to transform lives.” Rosemarie Adcock

“We are thankful for BCC’s ministry to us, for offering us hope and giving us direction through God’s Word and for Jesus.” Jorge and Andrea Munoz

“What I learned from Biblical Counseling Center is I can make sure what I am doing is biblical.” Chic Lau


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2 Comments on “Welcome to Caring Like Christ”

  1. Lucy,
    Thank You for having this very special training. I have always felt that all churches need this type of program and they need trained biblical counselors. Being a trained Social Worker with and MSW pending, I am cognitive that the same messages we hear here from the new Hope Church Pastor and others that we could hear worldwide. AAND, Yes, I already want to know more about serving in this area. Thank You so much for including me in this series.

    Dolores E. Torres-Green

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