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When life feels overwhelming, you need someone who can walk with you, compassionately and effectively guiding you through life’s most difficult struggles. Your battle may be with unrelenting depression or an addiction that seems uncontrollable.  Maybe you’ve come to the realization that your marriage is teetering on the edge of destruction or perhaps you have realized that you won’t be the partner you desire to be until you work through some of the things holding you back. Some of you are experiencing the restlessness and frustration of striving alone to overcome emotional hurts and hurdles that feel like more than you can bear. 

People pursue counseling for many reasons but the hardest step for anyone is the first step for everyone: reach out.

Counseling at Biblical Counseling Center is unique in the world of counseling.  At BCC, experienced counselors will listen to your situation, help you understand what God desires, and walk alongside you as you make progress in living your life in a way that honors God and brings peace and rest to your soul. We strongly believe that your faith and understanding of the scriptures are crucial to the progress that you desire to make and that our answers need to be consistent with what Christ taught us and modeled for us.  All the counselors at BCC have training in current counseling research and biblical counseling which helps us seek to explain the application and practicality of the scriptures. Over the past 29 years,  our center has developed proven tools and resources to help you experience greater victory and a more abundant life through Christ.

We have six office locations around Chicago and Northwest Indiana and we offer counseling by Skype for frequent travelers, folks in rural areas, and people outside the Chicago area. If you would like more information, click on the schedule an appointment button below and you can request an email that will answer the most frequently asked questions and will let us know you are interested in pursuing counseling.

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