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Life can feel overwhelming and even hopeless at times. Our experienced counselors want to show you the compassion and care that Christ showed.

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When counseling is primarily about feeling better (symptom relief) it fails long term. Our sessions, resources, and homework address practical steps and deeper root issues so you can see lasting change.

Grow in Your Walk

The Bible leads us to the answers for life’s problems that we encounter in our walk with God. Counseling will help you focus on how to pursue God, who is for you, and wants what is best for you.

Do you feel like you've lost hope and don't know what else to do?  We can help!

  • 30 years of counseling and training

  • Over 25,000 people counseled

  • 6 Locations near Chicago and NW Indiana

  • Skype counseling offered across the country


Biblical Counseling helps with all of these common issues and more.

  •    Marriage Conflict

       Post-Traumatic Stress

       Marital Abuse


       Relational Conflict

       Sexual Brokenness

  •    Addiction



       Pornography Addiction 

       Spiritual Decision Making 

       Family Conflict

Here’s how you can get counseling:

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3. Appointment

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Do you want to experience hope and healing?

  • Do you want to overcome that frustrating habit?

  • Are you looking for relational peace and unity?

  • Do you desire a safe environment to process?

  • Would a guide help you to achieve greater success?

  • Do you need regular and stronger accountability?

  • Do you have questions about God and what he desires?

People pursue counseling for many reasons, but the hardest step for anyone is the first step.  Reach out today!

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