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It’s Good to Grieve

Death causes us to be angry because it comes into our world like an unexpected slap in the face. As one researcher said, “Death is a social disease, like V.D. It is not polite, not well-mannered.”[1] King Solomon concurred: “No man has authority to restrain the wind…or authority over the day of death” (Ecclesiastes 8:8). When death enters our social circles or … Read More

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October 12, 2021

Dealing with Guilt and Shame

Written by BCC Counselor Jin Taek Chung We have all dealt with guilt and shame at some point in our life. The effects of unresolved guilt and shame in our lives can hold us back and weigh us down. So, how do we make sure we are dealing with it appropriately? The way our culture views guilt and shame differ … Read More

September 28, 2021

When You Are Discouraged: Fight for the Truth

Discouragement. That’s what I see so often: heavy shoulders, general sadness, and anxiety all mixing together. On top of the specific circumstances and problems each person is already facing, discouragement spirals us into believing lies. Believing the Lies These lies are not new, or ones that can be easily shrugged off. They are lies that we have believed for a … Read More

September 10, 2021

How to Help Teens Fighting Depression

This article is filled with references and resources to help you as a counselor or parent explore the root issues that can lead to your teen’s depression.

This is not a comprehensive, all-inclusive list, but it will prime the pump in asking the right questions to discover what your teen is believing, doing, and feeling. It will lead to some good conversations that will help your teen to balance their life in a more holistic approach.

One area affects the other, and when even one area is out of sync, it hurts the whole and affects the emotions negatively.


September 1, 2021

How to Help Teens by Asking for Help

Written by BCC Counselor Mark Johnson. There are untold numbers of events in our teens’ lives that cause a crisis: having a brush with law enforcement, tragedies such as death and suicide, betrayal, gender confusion, and so many more.

As parents or grandparents, we look around and ask, “Who can help? How am I supposed to provide my teen help, and how do I get help? Where do I turn?”


August 27, 2021

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