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How Humility Leads to Contentment

We wrestle in our souls to be content.  Our minds race out of control.  The anxiety of the task list alone can control and steal our sense of peace.  It can seem as if we are running in fear and, in reality, no one is chasing.  We long for deeper communion with God, to hear His voice more clearly, but … Read More

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July 10, 2020

Our Freedom and Independence in Christ

This post was written by Doug McDaniel, a former pastor and current BCC counselor. He counsels in our Northwest Indiana offices and online via Skype. The 4th of July, our Independence Day, gives us two words, freedom and independence, that describe our understanding of precious liberty from tyranny. Yet, the words can be problematic. In the light of the indiscretions … Read More

July 3, 2020

Being Angry in the Right Way (Part 3)

In Part 1 and Part 2 of “Being Angry in the Right Way,” we laid the groundwork to explore the emotion of anger. Because there is injustice in our imperfect world, there will always be anger within us.  This anger is a good gift from God, and when expressed appropriately it can be constructive. However, we’ve all had moments where … Read More


June 25, 2020

Being Angry in the Right Way (Part 2)

“I don’t have an anger problem” he repeatedly protested in my counseling office.  “I don’t swear, break things, threaten harm, or even raise my voice.  How can my wife say that I have an “anger” problem?  Sure, I get frustrated like everyone but I stay under control – I do not have an anger issue.” Over the years, we have … Read More


June 24, 2020

Being Angry in the Right Way (Part 1)

Anger is what we feel when we could easily say with our words, “I am against that.” God created us as people who are capable of feeling, expressing, and acting in anger. However, many of us fear that our expressions of anger hurt more than they help.  Many people make it their goal to avoid feeling anger altogether, by avoiding … Read More


June 19, 2020

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