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How does God view you?

How does God view you?  That question shapes many of our actions and reactions in life.  We often find ourselves counseling with individuals who have these kinds of thoughts stuck in their head over and over again. Thoughts about God: He is ashamed of me. He is angry with me. He is so disappointed with me. He is frustrated with … Read More

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May 21, 2019

7 Insights on Staying Power

As we learn the staying power of Jesus and how he stepped into the crisis moments of our lives, we can help others. We too have the ability to endure. Please share this article by Dr. Donna Hart, which appeared first here on her blog, with the people you care about. Thanks. We often wonder how we should respond to … Read More

staying power

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May 20, 2019

Love in a Crisis

A crisis is scary. It’s unpredictable and chaotic. In this article by Dr. Donna Hart, PhD, which appeared first here on her website, she lets us understand how a crisis feels, and we learn how friends and counselors can help. A crisis is a crucial and sometimes frightening time in our lives. What has felt safe in the past is now … Read More


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May 13, 2019

A Daughter’s Eulogy for Dad

My dad died on Easter the year it was also April Fool’s Day. God picked the day. And it suited Dad. Ever the jokester, he’d think it funny that God chose this particular day for his homecoming. But none of this was funny at the time, of course. Grief is hard. And it’s personal and lonely and hard. Yes, I said … Read More


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May 7, 2019

Called to Freedom

In some recent conversations some folks have said to me that they felt like there were some events and perspectives happening around them that were causing them to believe their freedom in Christ was being hindered. They were not sure if they were lacking confidence in their relationship with God or fearing what people thought of them. This post by … Read More


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April 29, 2019

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