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Never Recover

When you have faced a grievous wrong, it can feel like your enemies have pushed you face-down on the ground, pushing your face into the mud. This is a picture of things that are still having effects in the present: searing pain, unhealed wounds, feeling wronged by people in powerful places. How do we heal from sufferings that remain fresh over … Read More

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March 15, 2019

When Counseling the Sexually Violated

Counseling a sexually violated woman is heart-breaking and hopeful, for her and for the counselor. This article by Lucy Ann Moll, D.Min., a BCC counselor who counsels worldwide by Skype/FaceTime/Zoom, appeared first on her website. Sexually violated women are real people with real and tragic stories. But there is hope. Perhaps you’re counseling a sexually violated woman now. Or maybe … Read More

sexually violated

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March 12, 2019

The Bible Addresses Contemporary Issues

I had the privilege of speaking to several churches lately on the topic of suicide prevention and biblical counseling. As a counseling center, we are committed to bringing God’s word into the darkest corners so that the light of Christ shines brightly. In recent months, we have featured articles on PTSD, OCD, Abuse, and Suicide in our resource center. We … Read More

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March 8, 2019

Power of the Positive

Mental energy is derived from positive thinking. Negative thoughts can help to direct our attention to important needs that are not being met. It could be a need for food, rest, or an imminent threat of danger that is presenting itself to us. Amanda’s thinking needed serious help. Amanda had a very negative way of looking at the world. It robbed … Read More


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March 4, 2019

Wearing a miniskirt to the wedding?

Our lives as Christians are essentially pre-marital counseling preparing us for a wonderful wedding. All of us are the bride who will finally and eternally be united to our groom, Jesus Christ. Indeed, our lives on earth are the means God uses for a deeper goal.   God’s Glorious Plan We can tend to conclude God doesn’t love us, or has … Read More


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February 26, 2019

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