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Transforming Traditions

You can begin new traditions of blessed rest in 2019. Staff counselor Donna Hart, whose article appeared first here, invites you to the three traditions of keeping a Sabbath box, offering a blessing, and a taking a Sabbath walk. There are traditions or spiritual disciplines for our time with the Lord that can be restfully transformative. Before we begin our … Read More

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January 10, 2019

When You’re Lost in Exhaustion

Are you lost in exhaustion too? This insighful article by staff counselor Donna Hart, PhD, considers the reasons we’re exhausted and provides practical solutions. It appeared first on her blog and is used with her permission. One of the most common reasons for being exhausted is always being plugged in, available, and scheduled. We are striving too hard, competing too … Read More


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January 2, 2019

You’re Part of a Worthwhile Legacy

A Legacy is a tradition that is handed down from one generation to another. It can be good or evil, valuable or worthless, spiritual or carnal. A Legacy is the impact that we want to leave with others. In our 30th year, we are both looking back at the Legacy that faithful men and women in the first thirty years of … Read More


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December 28, 2018

What brings you comfort and joy?

Comfort and Joy –It’s a feel-good Christmas slogan isn’t it?  We sing it in our carols and plaster it on hallmark cards.  But what if it reveals more than you think? Each one of us turns somewhere for comfort and joy.  What brings you comfort?  What brings you joy? Many years ago, I remember waking up on New Year’s Day … Read More

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December 19, 2018

Depressed People Need Caring Counsel Too

Depressed people need caring counsel, don’t they? And the holidays can be especially daunting. Read more on what to expect if you need caring counsel or provide it. This article by Jeff Forrey appeared here at The Biblical Counseling Coalition. It is reprinted with permission. (Edited for space.–LAM) Think about the recent personal conversations you’ve had with depressed people. Do any … Read More

depressed people

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December 18, 2018

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