Women's Counseling Course

A unique online class that helps women care for women through biblical counseling

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  • Started January 22nd
  •  Weekly live online classes
  •  Limited to 40 students

You want to share hope and biblical truths with women in need.

God calls women to bring compassionate counseling to one another and help each other grow spiritually.

The Women’s Counseling Course is a unique counseling class taught by women for women and is designed to help you grow in your ability to provide hope, help, and biblical truths to women in need. This course will utilize our Foundations of Biblical Counseling lessons and tailor them to effective ministry with women.

This livestream class will enhance your ability to spiritually care for other women

  • Large group lessons with experienced counselors

  • Small group activities for an opportunity to interact

  • Q and A sessions to enhance your learning

  • Reading assignments to prepare you for the exam

Course Instructors


Sherry Allchin

Sherry is the director of our BCC online school. Having founded BCC with her husband Ron in 1989, she since has more than 25,000 hours in counseling ministry. She holds an MA in Biblical Counseling from Trinity Theological Seminary and has taught biblical counseling in variety of education and church contexts for the past three decades.


Dr. Lucy Ann Moll

With a Doctor of Ministry in Biblical Counseling from Birmingham Theological Seminary in biblical counseling, Dr. Lucy Ann Moll has counseled for the past 15 years. She is a proud grandmother and mother and counsels a variety of issues and regularly writes for popular counseling websites. She is also the author of "Help, I Have Panic Attacks."


Esther St. John

Esther St.John is the Spanish training coordinator at BCC and serves as an ACBC certified bilingual biblical counselor. She has a Master's in Biblical Counseling and a Masters in Christian Education from The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary SBTS in Louisville KY were she serves as an OTA. Esther is originally from Honduras, Tegucigalpa.

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Women's Counseling Course



  • 24 lessons over 12 live sessions
  • Updated lessons and material
  • Notebook and additional resources included
Registration Closed

* To ensure consistent class interaction, we ask that students attend a minimum of 8 live sessions.