A New Normal: Conversations That Matter

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Church as we know it has changed drastically over the last several months. The normalcy of church has gone from physically gathering in a house of worship to listening and watching online services in a living room. Churches have also recently seen more and more people dealing with marriages under stress, increasing addictions, growing anxiety, and loneliness. Many have experienced … Read More

Racial Reconciliation: Addressing the Sting of Racism

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Over the past few weeks, racism has been brought into focus both in the church and the culture at large. Within both Christian and secular counseling organizations, there has been an increasing awareness of the need for racial diversity, sensitivity, and cross-cultural awareness in the ways we counsel and understand the human condition. How Can We Help Those Stung by … Read More

A PLAN for Times of Crisis

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We never know when times of crisis will come.  No one could have ever predicted what 2020 would hold for us.  However, most times of crisis don’t come in the form of a global pandemic.  They are more often experienced more locally.  Think about these fairly common crisis situations that you may face as a leader.  A church building experiences … Read More

Could My Teen Be Depressed?

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Mood swings, irritability, the desire to be alone . . . these are just a few of many characteristics by which parents define the teenage years. With all the statistics out there telling us that teen depression and suicide are on the rise, many parents wonder how they will know the difference between what is “normal” and what is a sign that their teen has a deeper problem.