“Help me, Counselor! I’m Scared to Death!”

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Editor’s Note: This article is part of a series on anxiety.  Each of our experiences with anxiety is very different based upon who we are as a person and the circumstances that we find ourselves in.  We are writing about the experience of anxiety from many different angles so you may not find every article as helpful to you as another one … Read More

Is suicide a brain issue or a heart issue?

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What I am writing about might be hard for some to read.  Suicide is never an easy topic, especially if someone close to you has died by suicide.  However, I am convinced that we need more and better conversations about suicide prevention, not less.  This requires us all, and especially those of Christian faith, to think critically about the ways … Read More

Fall Training with BCC

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Biblical Counseling Center is committed to counseling and equipping the church to more effectively care for the hurting. We believe everyone should be equipped to apply God’s truth to life struggles, so we all can share the hope found in Christ. As we look forward to a busy fall of training, we are excited about the opportunities that God is … Read More

3 Reasons to join our ACBC Certification Prep Class

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Since the beginning of Biblical Counseling Center in 1989, we have intentionally focused on training, not just counseling. Our goals are both to counsel effectively and to equip others consistent with the Word so that our training impacts the health of churches around us and around the world. As a training center, we have experienced a fruitful partnership with ACBC, … Read More

Enslaved by Memories

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The memories of past trials and trauma can live in our hearts and minds like a second person inside waiting to reach out at any time to corrode the day. The common memory of the present day restores us to normal and offers a detached framework from the memory of trauma and trials.  To live in the present is to block … Read More

Hating Hate without Hating Haters: What did Jesus teach us about Hate?

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This was a tough week in our country.  In El Paso, Dayton, Chicago, and multiple other communities across the country, hatred was on full display as bullets flew.  The carnage and discourse over the last week has been unsettling as we all grapple with why our fellow citizens would delight in shooting up a retail store, night club, or a … Read More