Practical Advice for Living with an Addict

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This article was written by BCC Founder and Counselor Dr. Ron Allchin as part of our new series on addiction. In this series, our counselors are sharing how everyone can understand, overcome, and find freedom from addiction. Living with an addict requires the wisdom of Solomon and the patience of Job! Solomon, the wisest man of his time, had many … Read More

How Training Impacts Ordinary People

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Why would ordinary people invest their time and resources to learn biblical counseling? Read the following testimony from one of our recent students for an example. “What a difference biblical counseling has made in my life! In taking this training, I now truly understand that every answer to life’s struggles is found in the Scriptures. Being a part of this … Read More

Sharing Peace at Christmas

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When the shepherds were standing in the field that night, they announced the arrival of “Peace on Earth.” This peace would be possible through a relationship with God. Jesus had come near, to bring hope and help to all who would receive it. This was “Good News” of peace with God through trusting in Him. Despite the peace that is available … Read More

How to Respond to Concerning Behavior

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What’s your response when someone’s concerning behavior becomes known? How does your church or church leadership respond? Consider the following scenarios that churches may encounter in their congregation. A church board member laughs about trying marijuana gummies on the golf course with his friends on their annual golf trip to San Diego. A youth worker confesses they needed a designated … Read More

It’s Good to Grieve

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Death causes us to be angry because it comes into our world like an unexpected slap in the face. As one researcher said, “Death is a social disease, like V.D. It is not polite, not well-mannered.”[1] King Solomon concurred: “No man has authority to restrain the wind…or authority over the day of death” (Ecclesiastes 8:8). When death enters our social circles or … Read More

[Testimony] From a BCC Training Class to BCC Staff

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Something many people don’t realize about Biblical Counseling Center is that most of our staff counselors were first students in our online school, or interns as they finished advanced graduate level training in counseling. Recently, we added Mark Johnson to our Indiana Counseling team. As a church elder, Mark took BCC Training nearly 20 years ago to improve his ability to … Read More

Churches, Don’t Miss This Moment

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At the end of each March Madness NCAA Basketball tourney, there is a powerful tradition called “One Shining Moment” where the unbelievable plays, dramatic storylines, and tournament surprises are combined into a video recap to the delight of college basketball fans everywhere. The video montage captures the thrill of victory and the agony of defeat, the elation of victorious teams … Read More

The Power of Encouragement

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In a culture of soundbites and sarcasm, the power of an authentic encouraging word has never been greater. Within our larger culture and sadly even within many church contexts, we have lost sight of the importance of being people of encouragement.  We can tell the world what we think in 140 characters or less, post mocking memes, and spout self-righteous … Read More

A New Normal: Conversations That Matter

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Church as we know it has changed drastically over the last several months. The normalcy of church has gone from physically gathering in a house of worship to listening and watching online services in a living room. Churches have also recently seen more and more people dealing with marriages under stress, increasing addictions, growing anxiety, and loneliness. Many have experienced … Read More