Too Busy for Counseling?

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Too Busy for Counseling

Our lifestyles are often so busy that we don’t know if we can fit one more thing into our schedules. Many people believe they would benefit from counseling, but they struggle with concerns over the time commitment. Do you feel like you’re too busy for counseling? As internet speeds and video communication options have increased, online counseling via video has … Read More

Counseling Via Video: 3 advantages and 1 downside

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When a hurting person meets with a biblical counselor via video, the world opens. Counselees living in Topeka or Timbuktu, and every place in between, can receive the benefits of counseling by the Word and in the power of the Spirit, wherever they are. In fact, all that’s needed to “deliver” biblical counseling is the internet. And some 4.5 billion … Read More

How I Found God Faithful in Battling My Anxiety

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Battling My Anxiety

In this testimony, Carol Wright details how God has brought her through some severe and debilitating struggles with anxiety. She writes about how her anxious dread “kept me from being punctual in appointments and deadlines. It kept me from going back to school, and it kept a little, invisible black cloud hanging over my head (think doom and gloom). My mindset was that if the worst could happen, it would. However, one day that started to change.”