Truth about Death

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This Coronavirus Pandemic has brought the fear of dying to the forefront for so many! Death is scary for most, terrifying for some, but longed for by others! Why do we all have such differing and even conflicting views of death? And what is God’s perspective? To start with, God hates death and values death! Psalm 116: 15, “Precious in the … Read More

3 More Differences Between Biblical Counseling and Traditional Talk Therapy

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When you look at the offices of a biblical counselor and a talk therapist, you will see many similarities.  Both seek to create a safe place to talk and share your thoughts and feelings while receiving feedback to guide you forward.  However, some critical differences distinguish biblical counseling from traditional talk therapy.  The last post detailed 3 and this post … Read More

3 Differences Between Biblical Counseling and Traditional Talk Therapy

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Recently, I’ve been asked some questions about the differences between biblical counseling and traditional talk therapy. Both biblical counselors and therapists have caring and thoughtful conversations seeking to give insight into why people respond the way they do. And both methods want to help people understand how they could respond in healthier ways. So what’s the difference? Many Christians who … Read More

Three Precious Words: “You Are Mine”

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Simple truths have a significant impact on how we do life; especially, when it gets difficult.  “God’s truth stands firm like a foundation stone with this inscription; “The Lord knows those who are his…” (2 Timothy 3:19a) NLT.  We are His.  He knows Us. When it gets down to life-and-death issues, to whom do you entrust your life?  God in His … Read More

What Others Think vs. Our True Identity

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As God’s children we know we are created for relationship.  God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit function as one God in a relationship of perfect unity.  We learn that as we have been created in His image we are created for unified relationships. When many close friendships seemingly fade away, we can start to think … Read More