How the Bible Addresses Trials, Transitions, and Dealing with Unwanted Change (Part 2)

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I recently met with a man devastated by the loss of his lucrative job and the career path he so carefully sacrificed for and cultivated. It felt unfair that his rival took the leadership position and laid him off with a minimal severance. Now he’s struggling to concentrate and provide as a day trader, drinking too many days away, completely depressed, and … Read More

Top Four Questions About Premarital Counseling

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Our counselors meet with a lot of married couples in difficult situations. I’ll confess a thought that sometimes goes through our minds is: “Why did you get married??” We probably wouldn’t ask that question out loud, but any experienced counselor will tell you it’s crossed their mind. A common denominator in many of these cases is that the couples had … Read More

Hope for Hurts in Your Past

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“Hurt people hurt people.” Popularized in the 1980s, this phrase has been repeated, tweeted, and “TikTok”-ed thousands of times. Perhaps you’ve used it with someone to help him or her make sense of suffering. Its basic meaning is that people with hurts in their past often hurt others. A Hindu might call it karma. The apostle Paul used the metaphor … Read More

Christmas Hope for Heavy Hearts

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Many entered 2023 with optimism that a hard season of suffering was behind them and that better days were ahead. For some, this optimism was centered on personal concerns, perhaps in your own family or your soul. For others, it was for matters of global concern, that the dangers of plagues and politics seemed to be moving in a better … Read More

Three Biblical Imperatives for Thanksgiving

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Written by BCC Counselor Joel Bradshaw “Rejoice always, pray without ceasing, and give thanks in all circumstances, for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you.” (1 Thessalonians 5:16-18) In these three simple commands, Paul was directing the church at Thessalonica regarding their relationships with one another. Ever practical, the apostle gave them things not only to … Read More

Responding to What We Can and Cannot Control

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Written by BCC Counselor Joel Bradshaw “Oh my goodness, is everyone OK?” I asked this question immediately to my family. “I’m sorry,” I said this one to my wife. I had been driving my wife and kids downstate to Grandma’s house for Thanksgiving and had made a hasty lane change without looking first. I thus collided our family car into … Read More

[Testimony] Why I Became a Biblical Counselor

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Written by BCC Counselor Sheri Ho A few years ago, God guided me along a narrow path in my journey with Him, where I encountered crushing pain and grief. Through this path, I found healing and joy in Christ, experiences I wouldn’t have encountered through any other means. Looking back, I believe God has uniquely and graciously shaped me for … Read More