And Then They Grew Up – Relationships with Adult Children

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Written by BCC Counselor, Colleen Ryan. Relating in healthy ways with adult children can be a challenge, especially during the holiday seasons. Parents must learn to transition from being an authority to becoming an influence, and this balance is tough for many. This post from BCC Counselor Colleen Ryan lays out practical principles that help parents impact their children in the right ways and avoid the traps that lead to further pain and distance.

Searching for Marital Peace in a World of Conflict

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Written by BCC Counselor, Jack Lezza. Our world is full of conflict, and so are many of our relationships and marriages. We can’t avoid conflict completely, but we can keep from being trapped by it. Jesus provides a better way when He challenges us to examine our own hearts and seek to emulate His heart for others. Changing our marriage often begins with changing our attitude towards our partner and marriage.

Being More In Tune with Others

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Written by BCC Counselor, Jerrod Tillotson. When things are tense, it can feel impossible to move closer to one another in our relationships. However, the little moments and choices we make can impact the warmth of your relationship. In this article from BCC Counselor Jerrod Tillotson, you’ll see how Jesus taught us so much about relationships in the way He interacted with those around Him. If you have been struggling with the distance you feel, learn how you can overcome the gap with specific strategies that help.

Facing Uncertainty in a Healthy Way

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“Why do you say, O Jacob, And speak, O Israel: My way is hidden from the LORD, And my just claim is passed over by my God.” – These words from Isaiah 40:27 are describing the reality of God’s chosen people while in painful captivity in Babylon. Their way of life had been disrupted, their temple had been destroyed, and … Read More

Our Freedom and Independence in Christ

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The 4th of July, our Independence Day, gives us two words, freedom and independence, that describe our understanding of precious liberty from tyranny. Yet, the words can be problematic. In the light of the indiscretions of some police and demonstrators these past months we must agree that freedom does not mean we have the right to do as you please. … Read More

How I Found God Faithful in Battling My Anxiety

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Battling My Anxiety

In this testimony, Carol Wright details how God has brought her through some severe and debilitating struggles with anxiety. She writes about how her anxious dread “kept me from being punctual in appointments and deadlines. It kept me from going back to school, and it kept a little, invisible black cloud hanging over my head (think doom and gloom). My mindset was that if the worst could happen, it would. However, one day that started to change.”

Easing Back-to-School Anxiety

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This article by Krista Bjork appeared first here and is used with permission. Some level of anxiety is common for kids of any age when they go back to school.  Add in the frantic rush of Mom and Dad to get everything purchased, fees paid, clothes washed and lunches packed, and the pressure to get everyone back in the habit of going … Read More