Finding Comfort Beyond My Stereotypes

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Editors note: This post is written by Krista Lambert who counsels for Biblical Counseling Center. In this series, we are featuring articles written by the women of the Biblical Counseling Center, talking about how God has shaped them for their ministry of biblical counseling.  Krista shares how God has shaped her through struggle and how that enables the ministry she now has … Read More

What brings you comfort and joy?

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Comfort and Joy –It’s a feel-good Christmas slogan isn’t it?  We sing it in our carols and plaster it on hallmark cards.  But what if it reveals more than you think? Each one of us turns somewhere for comfort and joy.  What brings you comfort?  What brings you joy? Many years ago, I remember waking up on New Year’s Day … Read More

Gluttony: Gospel Truth for Comfort Eaters

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Gluttony — who wants to talk about it? It’s not a “bad” sin, right? But what does a struggle with food reveal about your heart, the inner you? A thought-provoking and compassionate article by Brad Hambrick which appeared first here on the Biblical Counseling Coalition website. Used with permission. Are we really going to talk about gluttony at this time … Read More

Lord’s Protection from Harm (Part 2)

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Does God guarantee protection from harm? Guest writer Jeff Forrey — and former counselor at BCC — looks at Psalm 91’s claim, “no harm will overtake you, no disaster will come near your tent” in the second part of this two-part series. Read Part 1 here. He helps Christians understand this psalm, especially those who’ve who’ve experienced a tragedy, such as … Read More