New year, New opportunities to help others

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Every year around this time, New Year’s resolutions are set. We often hear ourselves or others say things like “I want to lose weight, pray more, work out faithfully, or slow down to experience what’s most important. Some resolutions are kept, and others will likely be broken. However, this isn’t a post about how to keep your resolutions.

This is a post about how you can help others keep their New Year’s resolutions.

Each New Year’s resolution reflects a burden, an obstacle, or a struggle that we desire to better deal with in this New Year.  One of the best ways that we help others is to support and encourage them in navigating some of life’s painful and difficult challenges.

Galatians 6:1-2 tells us to “Bear one another’s burdens” because that is a demonstration of the love of Christ.  This is the heart behind the biblical counseling training that we do.

We all need the comfort and challenge of wise friends to make progress in overcoming our burdens.  Further, we are motivated most by love and anchored most by truth.  Our training is all about helping ordinary people to care for the hurting with both grace and truth. 

Perhaps your goal shouldn’t be for you to keep all your New Year’s resolutions, but to help your friends keep theirs.

Every January, we start new training classes that will transform the care and wisdom you can share with your friends.  Our biblical counseling training will teach you how to disciple and encourage others to overcome the burdens they face. 

If you have been thinking about getting trained so you can better care for others, then start training now.

If you have been avoiding necessary conversations with friends and family about their burdens because you aren’t sure how to best help, start training now.

If you are a church leader overwhelmed by the complex struggles God is bringing your way, start training now.

Many in our churches feel like they have to keep their resolutions this year through sheer grit and determination; they feel alone and isolated.  It doesn’t have to be that way!  You can be the encouragement and help they need.

New cohorts are starting this month in our courses and certificate programs that can help you know how to give a hope-filled answer that is full of grace and truth.

Start training and help your friends grow stronger this year — maybe that will be your best New Year’s resolution ever!

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  1. I am so excited and feel very enthusiastic about what journey I will take after this training. Thank you for opening up doors I never thought I would EVER walk through.

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