Training for RESTORE Marriage Leaders! 

Would you like to lead RESTORE Marriage Workshop at your own church or small group in conjunction with the Livestream event at Bethel Church in Schaumburg, IL?

If so, you must attend Leadership Training on February 11, from 9AM to 3PM, at Bethel Church.

At the training you’ll learn how lead the group discussion among the couples you are leading. The 10-session workshop is Livestreamed. If you leading Restore Marriage at your own church or small group, together your group will watch the teaching and you’ll faciliatate the group discussion and question-and-answer segments.

When you attend the training, you’ll receive tools and other materials you need for the workshop, which takes place on Thursdays from 7 to 8:30PM. There also will be time to get your own questions answered at the leadership training.

Cost for Leadership Training: $50 per leader per year. Lunch included.

To register, click here.