Discernment for those Considering Leaving a Church

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Should we stay or should we go? Many in Chicago-area churches have been wrestling with discerning God’s will for their church. Disillusioned by seemingly high profile stories where character flaws have divided churches, some have concluded that they ought to start looking for a new church home. This is not an easy process, it requires a careful and deliberate effort … Read More

Handling Conflict Well in a Friendship

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FRIENDSHIP: Sometimes a friendship goes along just fine but then. . .WHAM. . .a conflict hits. So what then? WHEN A FRIENDSHIP TURNS SOUTH, what’s the best way to respond? Two thoughts may come to mind immediately. 1. Drop your friend. 2. Stick it out and repair the friendship. Which one seems best? What choice have you made in the … Read More

Behind the Scenes look at Contemporary Issues Live Event

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Recap Nearly 60 people gathered on Saturday, July 14th to grow in their ability to have conversations that encourage and comfort the hurting in their church and community.  Over the past 29 years, BCC has helped churches all over the United States and internationally grasp how the practicality of God’s word can meet people in their darkest moments of need.  Our Contemporary … Read More

Biblical Counseling Training in Ethiopia

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Dr. Ron Allchin just returned from teaching Biblical counseling at Evangelical Theological College in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, during the first two weeks of July. This was his 19th year to teach at the college during their “Rainy Season Session” where he has taught BCC’s training courses over the years to hundreds of ETC students and to many others in area … Read More

Moving Your Church in the Right Direction with Biblical Counseling

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This post has a free resource at the bottom about the “5 Mistakes Churches Make When Starting a Counseling Ministry“.  The first two posts in this series asserted that: Biblical Counseling is an opportunity to shepherd the church well Churches should embrace equipping counselors in the local church to care for the body in creative and unique ways I don’t … Read More