Dashed Dreams and Lowered Expectations

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What should you do when those close to you don’t meet your perfectly reasonable expectations? Isn’t it pure frustration when you have communicated your reasonable expectation in a perfectly reasonable way and those close to you just don’t seem to even care what your expectations are. Perhaps those “close to you” are in your extended family, your marriage, your church … Read More

When Your Church Disappoints You

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Far too often lately, our counselors at BCC have found ourselves in counseling with those who are questioning the church. Some now consider their church or pastor a “fraud” after seeing him written up in the news or an internet blog. Others in smaller church contexts might have gotten the latest juicy gossip and it sound like their pastor has … Read More

A P.L.A.N. to Engage a Suicidal Person Wisely

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If someone trusts you enough to reach out for help, or you pick up on something that concerns you and makes you wonder if another person has intentions of suicide, what do you do next?  It feels like a great weight of responsibility and it is.  We use a simple acrostic when training churches on how to engage those with suicidal intentions … Read More

4 Steps into Depression—and the Way Out!

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Let me preface this article by recognizing that some forms of depression have a legitimate physical cause. These must be addressed and controlled through the advancements of medical science. Diabetes, hypothyroid, other glandular problems may be directly connected to the depression a person feels. I will let the medical doctors give help for those medical issues originating in bodily sicknesses … Read More