Bible Versus Psychological Theory

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The Bible is God’s written Word–without error and able to transform people. Psychology proposes man-made theories to handle life’s problems. In this provocative article, Julie Ganschow spells out some of the differences and concludes that many people diagnosed with a mental disorder are soul sick, not brain sick. Julie is the director of Reigning Grace Counseling Center. Her article appeared … Read More

Stuck? Responding to Emotional Inflexibilty

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Is your counselee stuck in a rut? Do patterns of thinking and doing seem impossible to alter? In this article by Joshua Waulk, director of Baylight Counseling, you’ll discover how to help people achieve true and lasting biblcial change. The article appeard first here and is used with permission.   By the time couples, individuals, and parents make their way to … Read More

What Does God Say About Rage?

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what does god say about rage

Rage is anger run amok. It rears up in domestic violence and in other horrible scenarios. Listen to the culture’s handling of anger and the biblical answers. Rage Is a Heart Issue In the past year, we have seen more conversation about domestic violence than ever before. Spurred on by high profile cases where athletes and celebrities have crossed lines, … Read More

Gospel Matters in Counseling 5

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gospel matters

The Gospel Matters in counseling.  So why do some Christian counselors act like the Gospel has no place in the counseling office? This Gospel Matters series shares the Christ’s compassion for the broken. It answers the question, Is biblical counseling really a viable, possibly a better, alternative than secular counseling?   Read the first post on competency of Biblical Counselors and state-licensed … Read More

Gospel Matters in Counseling 2

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gospel matters

The Gospel matters in counseling. Isn’t it odd, then, that some Christians in the mental health field rarely share the good news of the Gospel in their counseling office? It’s tragic and wrong. This Gospel Matters series shares the Christ’s compassion for the broken. The Gospel is good news for every person who chooses to trust Christ and accept the gift he … Read More