Shepherd or Sheepdog? Leadership Matters!

Dr. Donna HartFor Those Giving Help1 Comment

We have been talking this week about how to deal with disappointment in church leadership, when and how to leave a church, and how to find a church where you can grow in your walk with God.  The reality is that church culture is often determined by how the leaders views themselves.  Do they mimic Christ in the way they … Read More

Pain: Helping People Persevere

Dr. Lucy Ann MollFor Those Giving Help, For Those Seeking HopeLeave a Comment


Pain of every kind hurts: physical, emotional, spiritual . Your response to pain can spiral from discouragement to depression. Or, you can let pain teach to persevere and become more like Christ. Hurrying to answer her phone for a Skype appointment, Cheri accidentally slammed her toe into a Little People garage toy and lost her balance as she reached for … Read More