Request a Speaker

Our mission is “Helping Churches Care for People” and one way that Biblical Counseling Center accomplishes our mission is by training and speaking on many topics for church groups.  If you are interested in having someone from BCC come and speak at your church, please email us at info (at) or call our office at (847) 398-7193.  Some of the ways that we have served churches in the past are through providing speakers for the following.

  • Adult Sunday School
  • Sunday Pulpit Fill
  • Weekday Workshops for Men or Women
  • Leadership Equipping Seminars
  • Youth Group Meetings or Panel Discussions

We would love to serve your church by helping those we teach to see how God’s word applies to the common struggles of life.

Common Topics

  • Counseling: Understanding the 3 types of Counselees
  • Counseling: Who Is Responsible to Counsel?
  • Counseling: The Power and Sufficiency of Scripture
  • Counseling: The power of saying “I Care”
  • Crisis: Suicide
  • Crisis: Terminal Illness
  • Help for: Anger
  • Help for: Anxiety
  • Help for: Balance
  • Help for: Lust
  • Help for: Major Life Change
  • Help for: Making Decisions
  • Help for: Peer Pressure
  • Help for: Building Hope over Addictions
  • Marriage: The Christian Family
  • Marriage: The Excellent Wife
  • Marriage: The Godly Husband
  • Parenting: Teens
  • Parenting: The godly Grandparent
  • Parenting: Truths children need before 18
  • Sexuality: Biblical Principles of Sex
  • Sexuality: Pornography
  • Sexuality: Promiscuity
  • Sexuality: Purity
  • Sexuality: Same-Sex Attraction
  • The Church: Appreciating the older crowd
  • The Church: Handling conflict Biblically
  • The Church: Counseling as a way of Christian Life