[Testimony] Why I Became a Biblical Counselor

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Written by BCC Counselor Sheri Ho

A few years ago, God guided me along a narrow path in my journey with Him, where I encountered crushing pain and grief. Through this path, I found healing and joy in Christ, experiences I wouldn’t have encountered through any other means.

Looking back, I believe God has uniquely and graciously shaped me for the role of a counselor.

My Story

My sweet experience of being counseled biblically started many years ago when I was a new believer. I grappled with various issues at different times. My mentors prayed, counseled, challenged, and supported me during times of vulnerability. Their biblical counsel has been instrumental in my growth, and I would like to help others as they helped me.

I served in various roles within and outside of the church. Gradually, I discovered my passion for engaging with others and sharing the gospel on a personal and deeper level. I always experience unspoken joy and satisfaction when I witness others respond to the gospel and reorient their focus toward Christ.

My life was hit by a storm shortly after I started a family and began seminary. I got married a few years prior and was blessed with three children, all from my husband and his late wife. Within a year, while I was studying counseling at Westminster Theological Seminary, I lost my newborn son in my arms. I heard about a mourning mother dolphin that carried her dead calf for 2 days in the sea. My sorrow was like that of the mother dolphin. During my darkest night of mourning in the hospital, the nurses cried with us, and my husband and I shared the gospel with them to comfort them, because we knew where our hope was.

This tragic experience led to me experiencing deep grief and symptoms of PTSD. God counseled me and sustained me, preventing me from succumbing to the unbearable pain. I am deeply grateful for how God has deepened my compassion for moving toward others and being moved by others.

What I Believe in Biblical Counseling

As B.B. Warfield once said, “Self-sacrifice brought Christ into the world. And self-sacrifice will lead us, His followers, not away from but into the midst of men.” We bind ourselves to other souls and are moved by their lives.

Christ lived a life caring for our burdens, and so we should too. Just as I am offering the truth and hope when I counsel, I need the same truth and hope myself. I am continuously being shaped by God and His Word.

Counseling is a journey and relationship where we walk alongside others, experiencing Christ’s comfort and hope together. Christ is both the beginning and the end of our care. Our vulnerability is the doorway to God’s strength, and humility and compassion serve as our pathways to understanding others’ lives.

Regardless of our circumstances, we are all called to remain faithful and let God’s redeeming grace continuously work in our struggles and sufferings.

Why We Need Personal Christ-Like Care and Counsel

In an era marked by the dramatic rise of artificial intelligence and a culture bombarded with information and choices, there is an even greater need for personal Christ-like care and counsel.

God speaks to His people both collectively and individually. Christ knows us and pursues us personally. We also engage with others in a personal way. I strive to provide tailored counseling methods to meet the unique needs of each individual.

For example, when counseling adolescents, I aim to understand their developmental stage and may utilize various methods, such as drawing, music, or activities, to engage with them before conveying the truth.

What Are My Counseling Areas?

I have a heart to help teenagers and women who are struggling and hurting. I provide counseling in both English and Chinese (Mandarin and Cantonese) for issues such as loss and grief, blended family dynamics, singleness, relational conflicts, workplace-related challenges, anxiety, and depression, among others.

I am excited about the opportunity to work at BCC, where I will have the chance to grow and learn from fellow counselors who are dedicated to Christ and others. They serve the Lord with humility, wisdom, and love. I also look forward to meeting with you in person or online, God willing.

This family photo was taken on Easter Sunday 2023 when our daughter Deborah was baptized at our church.

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  1. What a powerful testimony. It is wonderful how the Lord transformed you through this tragedy.
    I am excited for you and how the Lord will use you in so many lives that need hope.

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