When You Are Discouraged: Fight for the Truth

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Discouragement. That’s what I see so often: heavy shoulders, general sadness, and anxiety all mixing together. On top of the specific circumstances and problems each person is already facing, discouragement spirals us into believing lies. Believing the Lies These lies are not new, or ones that can be easily shrugged off. They are lies that we have believed for a … Read More

3 Things You Can Do When You’re Feeling Anxious

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This article is written by MicKenzie Crowley, M.A. from the BCC staff. If you’re experiencing anxiety – you are not alone! Everyone experiences fear. (Ps. 56:3b-4). [1] You ​may be used to anxiety​ and have experienced it for a long time. I have experienced anxiety throughout my life at different points, not understanding what I was experiencing! Sometimes​ anxiety​ ​sneaks … Read More

Chaotic Anxiety and God’s Promises

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In our anxiety, we often feel all alone. However, God promises that He is acting even when the chaos in us and around us makes it hard to see what God is up to. Three promises of God are particularly helpful when in the midst of our anxious moments.
Kenzie Crowley, who counsels in our Dupage (Winfield Office) and via Skype, writes about these three promises that are sure to bring hope to our struggles with anxiety.

My Weakness Is Not Wasted

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This post is written by MicKenzie Crowley who counsels for Biblical Counseling Center. She shares her story of how loving guidance helped her find hope and healing. This experience helped her determine to pursue becoming a counselor to help others.

5 Steps to Better Decision-Making

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This article is written by MicKenzie Crowley, M.A. from the BCC staff. Have you ever struggled to make a decision? Because I have. I am a master of overthinking, asking for people’s advice, and feeling sick about the decision. The problem is that those strategies never really settle that anxious feeling in my stomach or my racing mind when I try to … Read More