Counseling Course for Church Leaders

A unique online class that helps men and women in church leadership care for people through biblical counseling

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  • Starts September 21st
  • Weekly live online classes
  • Limited to 30 students

Learn how to provide Christ-centered care and wise counsel to those in need.

God calls church leaders to help people grow spiritually, and compassionate counseling is an important part of that.

This Counseling Course for Church Leaders is taught by experienced counselors and is designed to help you grow in your ability to provide hope, help, and biblical truths to your church. This course will utilize our Foundations of Biblical Counseling lessons and tailor them to church leadership.

This livestream class will enhance your ability to share hope and biblical truths.

  • Large group lessons with experienced counselors

  • Small group activities for an opportunity to interact

  • Q and A sessions to enhance your learning

  • Practical assignments you can print to use immediately


Course Instructors


Dr. Tim Allchin

BCC Executive Director and Counselor


Dr. Ron Allchin

BCC Founder and Counselor


Sherry Allchin

BCC Director of Online School


Jack Lezza

Pastor, BCC Counselor


Brandon Lowery

Pastor, BCC Counselor

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Church Leaders Course



  • 24 lessons and 8 live sessions
  • Updated lessons and material
  • Notebook and additional resources included
Registration is Closed

* To ensure consistent class interaction, we ask that students attend a minimum of 6 live sessions.


This class will meet on Tuesday nights from 7:00-9:00 PM EST from September 21 - November 16. (Off October 5th)

The typical nightly schedule will be laid out like this:
  • 7:00-7:40   Live Lesson
  • 7:40-7:55   Small Group Discussions (Lesson Plan Provided)
  • 8:00-8:40   Live Lesson 2
  • 8:40-9:00   Student Q and A