Sexual Sin: A Woman’s Problem Too!

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sexual sin

Sexual sin wants to take you hostage, my friend. Isn’t the world’s sex doctrine everywhere today? Surf the Internet, browse cable TV stations, flip though magazines, listen to lyrics, check out erotica fiction — the world’s message on sex to women says, “Porn is normal and harmless. Adultery is fun. Something’s wrong with you if you’re still a virgin by … Read More

Emotional Adultery: Hope and Help!

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Emotional adultery: Isn’t it easy in the Internet age to virtually meet a man other than your husband and make an emotional attachment? Texting an old boyfriend from high school or chatting via Facebook with a cute guy from Australia, or the next town over, seems safe and fun — and deliciously tempting. I can quick-count three married friends who’ve flirted … Read More

How to Heal After Adultery

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healing after adultery

Can your marriage survive adultery? It won’t be easy, but because of God’s grace, a husband and wife can reconcile and grow spiritually. This article originally appeared on the Biblical Counseling Coalition website and is used with permission. While devastating and heartbreaking, infidelity in a marriage can be worked through to a successful reconciliation. Because of Jesus, we have the ability … Read More

Story: Prodigal Husband, Pregnant Wife

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A counselee's story

This is a story of a prodigal husband and his pregnant wife who counseled with Sherry Allchin. The husband had left “Jaye” for one of his coworkers. She was alone, hurt deeply, and angry with a baby on the way. Yet … she wouldn’t divorce. Then God did something amazing. (Here’s parts of a recent emails correspondence between Jaye and Sherry. … Read More