Story: Prodigal Husband, Pregnant Wife

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A counselee's story

This is a story of a prodigal husband and his pregnant wife who counseled with Sherry Allchin. The husband had left “Jaye” for one of his coworkers. She was alone, hurt deeply, and angry with a baby on the way.

Yet … she wouldn’t divorce.

Then God did something amazing. (Here’s parts of a recent emails correspondence between Jaye and Sherry. Used with permission.) –LAM


Hey Ms. Sherry!

This is Jaye. A few years ago, I came to you pregnant and in despair because my husband left me for another woman. You counseled me and gave me hope. You also gave me a sheet of paper about not giving up.

I ended up returning to Florida to clear my head and seek what God wanted. I sensed that he wanted me to take a stand for my marriage despite my husband’s adultery. The paper you gave me had the name of a website — There I found more hope and more resources. 

A lot of people (mainly family) were against my stand for my marriage, even though they say they weren’t (against it) now. I know it was hard for them to watch me go through it, but I had so much hope that God could restore my marriage because, as in Malachi 2:16, He states He HATES divorce.

My stand was a way for God to get a hold of me. I now try to encourage others to let God deal with them first and trust that God will then get a hold of their spouse.

About eight months after you counseled me, I moved back to my home in another Southern state. The first couple months were a real test, but God got my husband and me through it. My husband is a little different now. He has now been seeking God in direction, and does not let what happen tear him down. He also encourages those in difficulties to give it to God, and has told me many times that he is very thankful I never gave up on him.

I just wanted to let you know that what you did for me has not gone unnoticed, and I hope other counselors are as hopeful as you.. 

Thank you again and praying blessings your way!


So good to hear from you! Often I don’t hear the end of the tale … but that will be one of the cool things about Heaven, meeting people we’ve helped along the way and maybe influenced in ways we didn’t even recognize at the time!  Thank you for sharing what God is continuing to do in your lives as you rear that little guy for God’s glory instead of in a broken home!

Yes, we appreciate your prayers. Many others struggle daily with big problems, but we have a big God to help and give them hope!
Then we received a follow-up email. 🙂
Hey again, Ms. Sherry!
Through this “horrible” ordeal, I was able to finally hear the Holy Spirit. That is something I did not know could happen in today’s times.
It’s so hard for me to hear people talk about a situation and act like there is no hope. My husband and I were talking about it the other day. My mom’s side of the family feels like my parent’s marriage is doomed, but we know it could be better, if you let God lead you.
As you know, I had thought it was hopeless for us too. My husband told me he no longer loved me and was ready to move on with the other woman, but God gave me hope. At times I wanted a divorce and move on myself, but God showed me that He never gave up on me and that I should not give up on my husband.
The events that transpired during our separation only made me fully rely on God and allowed me to see how real He is. Now I understand why we are to consider it pure joy when going through trials.

 Isn’t it amazing God turns around hopeless marriages!

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