5 Ways God Calls You!

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Did you know God calls you and your calling has five parts, each one building on the next? Dr. Donna Hart, PhD, shares the five ways God calls you, enlightening the deep meaning of “calling.” This article appeared first on Donna’s blog and is used with her permission.  God works with intentional purpose in each one of us. We as … Read More

How to Rewrite Old Tapes

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Did you know that God can rewrite the negative tapes that play in your mind? He has godly messages for you to think on, leading to grace-centered hope and change for your life. This article by biblical counselor Lucy Ann Moll appeared first here on her website.   Isn’t it encouraging that God can rewrite your old, negative tapes that play … Read More

God, Help Me Change!

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“God, help me change” is a cry of many whose lives are a mess. How is change accomplished? What makes it last? Guest writer and biblical counselor Joshua Waulk of Baylight Counseling in Florida describes how you can have lasting change through Jesus. His article appeared first here and is used with permission. Every counseling effort, at some level, and … Read More

The Prayer to Effect Change in a Counselee

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Counseling and Prayer

PRAYER: Biblical counselor, here’s expert insight into how God effects change in a counselee. Focusing on the “linchpin,” today’s guest writer is pastor and professor Howard Eyrich turns to Ephesians. Read more about him here. This article originally appeared at on the Biblical Counseling Coalition website and is used with permission. A New Insight into Ephesians Many of you reading … Read More

I Need Discernment

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 Need Discernment? Who doesn’t? I read a line from Michael Hyatt’s blog the other day that really struck me as practically discerning: “If you don’t like what you see in the life of the messenger, it’s usually best to ignore the message.” In essence, Michael is advising us not to take advice from people aren’t getting the results you want to experience. … Read More

Parenting a Prodigal

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parenting prodigal

Today’s post by Julie Ganschow of Reigning Grace Counseling Center in Kansas City, MO, encourages parents of prodigal children who have stopped walking in the Christian faith. This post appeared first on Julie’s blog. It is reprinted here with her permision. But the Spirit explicitly says that in later times some will fall away from the faith, paying attention to deceitful … Read More

Free Download Friday!

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free Download Friday

It’s free download Friday! Please stop by every Friday and get your free download. Our download library has hundreds! Marriage, parenting, fear, depression, priorities, sanctification — you name it. 🙂 Do you want to understand your identity in Christ? Used by counselors at Biblical Counseling Center, this download reinforces counselee’s biblical identity in Christ and gives hope. It is the fifth … Read More

Free Download Friday

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free Download Friday

Friends, welcome to our Free Download Friday! We make these resources available to biblical counselors, ministry leaders, and to counselees (former, current, or future) for your good and God’s glory. Today’s download is our Change Model Diagram. Click here to download the “Change Model Diagram”. It visually shows you how a person with a problem — in other words, everyone — … Read More

Gospel Matters in Counseling 2

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gospel matters

The Gospel matters in counseling. Isn’t it odd, then, that some Christians in the mental health field rarely share the good news of the Gospel in their counseling office? It’s tragic and wrong. This Gospel Matters series shares the Christ’s compassion for the broken. The Gospel is good news for every person who chooses to trust Christ and accept the gift he … Read More