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free Download Friday

Friends, welcome to our Free Download Friday! We make these resources available to biblical counselors, ministry leaders, and to counselees (former, current, or future) for your good and God’s glory.

Today’s download is our Change Model Diagram. Click here to download the “Change Model Diagram”.

It visually shows you how a person with a problem — in other words, everyone — experiences life transformation through the power of the cross, mind renewel, and godly habits. Please do look up the bible verses. Write them down. Think on how they apply to life transformation and to you personally.

Faith Is…

Something we like to say at the offices of Biblical Counseling Center is, “Faith is believing the Word of God and acting upon it, no matter how you feel, knowing God promises a good result.”

Are you challenged in believing or acting on your belief? Are your feelings dragging you down? Do you want to experience peace and contentment?

Then why not counsel with one of our compassionate and experienced certified biblical counselors? You may meet in person if you live in the greater Chicago area. Or, you may choose Skype counseling.

Check out our Counseling Information page that will answer most of your questions about biblical counseling at Biblical Counseling Center. Make an appointment today.

 A Prayer for You

May our great God continue to bless you in Christ, as we know he will. God is faithful. He is for you. Draw near to him and know him. Let him transform you and make you more and more like Jesus every day. Amen.   


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