Freedom through Faith

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This weekend there will be gatherings all across our country to celebrate our independence and freedom.  As a culture, we value our freedom highly, and because of recent restrictions experienced by so many, perhaps this year’s celebrations will be a special reminder not to take that freedom for granted. This yearning for freedom was put into our hearts by God … Read More

Listening in a Loving Way (Part 2)

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At one time or another, you’ve probably heard someone say in a dismissive tone: “I’m just not a good listener!” Whether we get distracted by what we are going to say next, are easily offended by unfair criticism, or feel overwhelmed by needing to find the right words to reply, quality listening is complicated. Add to that the fact that … Read More

Listening in a Loving Way (Part 1)

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If you look around in our culture today, we are consumed with arguments and divisions. Whether it be COVID, #churchtoo, BLM, doctrinal differences, CRT, or a whole other variety of hot topics, we are arguing with one another at an ever-progressing pace. Some families and churches are also consumed with divisive spirit. You may feel overwhelmed when thinking about what can change … Read More

5 Benefits of Training Your Leaders in Care and Counseling

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As many churches wrestle with the post-pandemic restart of their church, many look forward with anticipation of the ministry opportunities ahead. We have experienced a resurgence of churches interested in pivoting from an emphasis on the platform-based ministry to a more balanced approach that preaches the word publicly but shepherds the word personally. Someone asked me the other day if the … Read More

The Value of Age and Experience: Embracing the Gift of Gray Hair

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I remember hearing my grandparents talk about the “Great Depression” and how their family survived through the fear of hunger, sickness, and homelessness. This hardship shaped a generation in similar ways that other traumatic events like World War 2, Vietnam, and 9/11 have. Perhaps the pandemic of 2020 will shape this generation as well.  In Proverbs, Solomon speaks with experience about … Read More

Pursuing Peace from My Uncertainty

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Written by BCC Counselor, Colleen Ryan. Everyone has received life-changing news at some point in their lives. Maybe it was news of a dreaded medical diagnosis, or an unexpected job loss, or the premature death of a loved one.

Sometimes a fairly “certain” future becomes “uncertain” and we’re left to wonder: How do I pursue peace with an uncertain future?

When the future is uncertain, it’s so easy for us to become consumed with worry, anxiety, or fear. Since we can’t control the future, our imagination feeds our fears.

Pursuing Peace in My Family

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Written by BCC Counselor, Mark Johnson. “Everyone says forgiveness is a lovely idea, until they have something to forgive.”

Conflict in families is as old as families themselves. We don’t have to look very far in our own past to find instances where our family conflict gets the best of us.

We know that we should love our neighbor as ourselves, but on occasion, we treat our family worse than how we treat our neighbors.

Pursuing Peace from My Anxiety

Dr. Lucy Ann MollFor Those Seeking Hope2 Comments

Is it possible to live anxiety-free and in peace? To be “anxious for nothing,” as the apostle Paul mandated us believers? Anxiety is a distracting care that diverts our attention from the eternal Lord to temporal, earthly concerns. It not only divides our minds, but also weighs us down. Whether nagging worries, debilitating panic, or any other expression of it, anxiety has powerful and negative effects on the body, and we’ve all experienced it.

Pursuing Peace in My Emotions

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Our emotions are a gift from God, to help us experience life more fully. Every emotion is good, and we are to experience them all, at the right time, in the right way. So how can we discover the peace of God and how the God of Peace helps us shape healthy expressions of emotions that honor God, bless others, and benefit ourselves? If we are going to experience peace within and around us, then we have to become skilled at identifying, expressing, and managing our emotions.