Pursuing Peace from My Shame

Sherry AllchinFor Those Seeking Hope3 Comments

What is shame, and why is it such a large part of the human experience? Shame is the emotion that accompanies guilt; it churns like a hurricane in the soul, causing anxiety, isolation, and despair. So how do we release that emotion back to a place of peace? We must recognize God uses our pain for good, to conform us to the image of Christ, and give us a greater platform of ministry to those who have shared experiences.

Pursuing Peace in My Disciplines

Dr. Donna HartFor Those Seeking Hope5 Comments

Cultivating peace is not just a choice to “be still in the Lord,” hoping it will suddenly fall upon us. Experiencing peace is learned as Philippians 4:11 teaches us: “Not that I speak from want, for I have learned to be content in whatever circumstances I am.” Experiencing peace is directly proportional to how strongly we are committed to the choices that will produce peace in us. The peace of God is not beyond comprehension; if we are not connected to the source of peace, we will fail to experience peace.

Pursuing Peace in a World Gone Mad

Tim AllchinFor Those Seeking Hope4 Comments

Peace doesn’t really seem to describe the experience of many in recent weeks, months, or years. In our pursuit of peace, we must realize that it is more than a feeling of calm or tranquility; peace is more than good luck or feeling blessed. Peace is also more than avoiding conflict or war. The Word of God gives us an understanding of the importance of peace and the pathway to obtain it.

7 Tips to Make a Great Apology

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When we are under a lot of stress, our anger may bubble over and scorch someone. Then what? We may think that we are justified in our anger and that the other person deserved our hot words or our icy stare. But Scripture provides a better way: confession leading to forgiveness. In other words: an apology! Jack and Jill needed … Read More

You Don’t Have to be Perfect

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Are we keeping score of how well we are doing? Do we strive to keep ourselves on task whether it is managing a business, our family’s lives, or our own? Do we want to motivate, influence, and be people others want to follow? When it comes to evaluating our success, do we often fall into the trap of thinking that we must be … Read More

Why Wishing for the “Good Old Days” Will Destroy You

Tim AllchinFor Those Seeking Hope6 Comments

“Can we just get back to normal?” Perhaps you find yourself fatigued by circumstances over the last year and wonder this exact question. While this is a normal question to ask, especially after times of grief, difficulty and hardship, it often leads us to an unhealthy mindset. The book of Ecclesiastes provides us with some thought-provoking counsel when we are … Read More

4 Keys to Establishing New Habits for 2021

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Written by BCC Counselor Jim Lang When we reach a new year, it’s natural to want a fresh start. After the hardships of 2020, this sentiment holds true for many. So how do we, as followers of God, change our unwanted behaviors and actions? How does the Word of God instruct us in matters of transforming these behaviors and actions? … Read More

Relational Health in Long-term Marriages

Dr. Ron AllchinFor Those Seeking Hope2 Comments

“How do you keep your love for one another alive and beautiful for fifty years?” Because we just celebrated our 50th Anniversary this past May, we are asked this question often! We have never regretted our decision to marry, have never been separated, and I can’t think of even one time in 50 years that one of us threw the “D” word at the other!