Helping Hurting Children

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helping hurting children

Helping hurting children is crucial today in the godlessness of the last days the Bible speaks of. All around our little ones are heartless, arrogant, out-of-control lovers of self, not God. They hurt children, and some of these children grow up angry, anxious, and lonely.

Sherry Allchin, biblical counselor and teacher at Biblical Counseling Center, has developed a vital resource for ministry leaders and parents to reach the hearts of hurting children. It’s titled “Develop a PLAN to Help Hurting Children.” Click PLAN to help hurting children to get the notes.

Sherry taught PLAN in Madison, Wisconsin, last weekend and Tim Allchin, BCC’s associate executive director, presents it this weekend in Milwaukee.

P stands for Pray and Pursue,

L stands for Listen and Learn.

A refers to Actions and Accountability.

N is Next steps.

If you’d like the BCC team to bring PLAN training to your church, please contact us. Sunday School teachers, youth leaders, parents, kids’ clubs’ leaders, elders and deacons need to know how to help hurting children. Or if you’d like training so you can present PLAN to your church, connect.

Here are the PLAN to help hurting children .

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