Relational Health in Long-term Marriages

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“How do you keep your love for one another alive and beautiful for fifty years?” Because we just celebrated our 50th Anniversary this past May, we are asked this question often! We have never regretted our decision to marry, have never been separated, and I can’t think of even one time in 50 years that one of us threw the “D” word at the other!

And Then They Grew Up – Relationships with Adult Children

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Written by BCC Counselor, Colleen Ryan. Relating in healthy ways with adult children can be a challenge, especially during the holiday seasons. Parents must learn to transition from being an authority to becoming an influence, and this balance is tough for many. This post from BCC Counselor Colleen Ryan lays out practical principles that help parents impact their children in the right ways and avoid the traps that lead to further pain and distance.

Build Up or Tear Down

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None of us look forward to the experience of criticism. Criticism can tear us down, and over time it can cause us to think we are unlikeable failures. Feedback is received well when someone says they think we are doing good in one area but see where we could improve.

Searching for Marital Peace in a World of Conflict

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Written by BCC Counselor, Jack Lezza. Our world is full of conflict, and so are many of our relationships and marriages. We can’t avoid conflict completely, but we can keep from being trapped by it. Jesus provides a better way when He challenges us to examine our own hearts and seek to emulate His heart for others. Changing our marriage often begins with changing our attitude towards our partner and marriage.

Being More In Tune with Others

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Written by BCC Counselor, Jerrod Tillotson. When things are tense, it can feel impossible to move closer to one another in our relationships. However, the little moments and choices we make can impact the warmth of your relationship. In this article from BCC Counselor Jerrod Tillotson, you’ll see how Jesus taught us so much about relationships in the way He interacted with those around Him. If you have been struggling with the distance you feel, learn how you can overcome the gap with specific strategies that help.

Relationship Transforming Choices (Part 2)

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When we feel like someone has hurt us or made life harder for us in some way, it’s really hard to show grace or exhibit patience in how we treat them. However, choosing grace and patience will impact our own heart for the better and will also be the best strategy for building a healthy relationship in the long run.

Relationship Transforming Choices (Part 1)

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On any given week, BCC Counselors meet with people who are seeking help with relational dynamics. Truth be told, most of us have had some experience with each of these struggles to some extent, but it can be hard to know how to turn them around and begin to experience something healthier. The truth is you have the ability to make choices that can transform virtually any relationship.