Results of Training for Women in Your Church

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This is the final article in our series about women involved in the ministry of biblical counseling. Our heart is that this equipping series encourages more churches and more individual women to embrace the impact they can make for Christ through learning and engaging in effective biblical counseling.

My Weakness Is Not Wasted

MicKenzie CrowleyFor Those Seeking Hope1 Comment

This post is written by MicKenzie Crowley who counsels for Biblical Counseling Center. She shares her story of how loving guidance helped her find hope and healing. This experience helped her determine to pursue becoming a counselor to help others.

Transforming Hospitality into Kingdom Impact

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This article is written by Sherry Allchin, a longtime counselor for Biblical Counseling Center.
You may not know the story of how a youth pastor’s wife became a full time biblical counselor with more than 25,000 hours of counseling experience. Sherry overseas our training and works with students around the world to learn the skills of biblical counseling, but it all began with a strong desire to bless others through hospitality.

Brave or Safe?

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This article is written by BCC counselor, Dr. Donna Hart. In this article, Donna shares what she has learned to challenge all of us to live bravely when God is calling you to make an impact. Is God calling you to be brave or safe in the way you live?

Stop arguing, and equip your women for ministry!

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In recent months, many arguments about the roles of women in ministry have been widely debated on the internet and have distracted our attention from the ministry that God has called us all to do.
Do we realize that even if women aren’t permitted to preach in your church, they must still disciple? Even if women can preach at your church, they must still disciple!
Why are so many churches ignoring the biblical mandate to equip women to shoulder real world ministry?