Our Most Important Thoughts

Dr. Donna HartFor Those Seeking Hope1 Comment

Our view of God is the most important thing about us.

The thoughts we think about God are the foundation of our Christian lives. If we do not have a good foundation, we will not have a solid relationship with God.

Some believers have a faulty view of God. These views can develop in the relationships we have had with our earthly father, authority figures, experiences in life, and the enemy, who is the father of lies.

The enemy is constantly lying to us. He is accusing us, saying that God is not good, faithful, or listening. God might be there, but He is not going to engage with us. The enemy wants us convinced that God is a manipulative liar, that He is deceiving us, and that we can’t trust His promises. The enemy stands (Revelation 12:11) day and night before the throne of God accusing. He accuses us about God, about us, and each other.

We have to break the power of accusation by coming into aligning agreement with the truth. The Word of God is where we go to be filled and fed the truth about our God.

Do we know God as the intimate, tender, loving, and compassionate Father?

If we see God as mostly angry and disappointed, we are going to live in shame. We will live in fear, disengaged from Him and never looking to Him.

Our Father God is filled with compassion. He is the Luke 15 Father who sees the prodigal son. Do you have a view of God as one who sees you?

The Father felt compassion and ran toward him. Do you have a God who runs toward you?

The Father kissed him. Is the God you know affectionate?

The Father embraced him, threw the robe around him, and threw a party. Do you serve a God like that?

It is crucial to our relationship with God because the Father’s house is a house of prayer and a place of intimacy. It is a place of acceptance. It is a place of inheritance.

Do you know a Father that can discipline you without rejecting you? Do you take any corrections from the Father as rejection?

Hebrews 12:5-8 tells us that our Father God disciplines those He loves. If we are under the discipline of God, that is a sign of our sonship.

God is loving us by disciplining us and pointing out areas where we need to grow. He is a good Father who we pray to, and getting a right view of God is critical to our prayer life and relationship to Him.

Get lost in the truth about God, and speak the truth to yourself until you believe it.

This is the progression of God: new thoughts breed new emotions which breed new actions. Our journey is getting new thoughts in line, so we have new emotions and new actions.

Pray to your Father. He loves to be found, and loves to get us away from the noise of our culture. How much money we have, how people like us, how many people know us; the Father says pull away from all of that.

Get in the Word, and get new thoughts of God. Meditate on the Truth and speak the same verses over and over, until we think differently, feel differently, and act differently.

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One Comment on “Our Most Important Thoughts”

  1. Great article! If we don’t know the character of our God, how can we love Him?
    Our imaginations of God will always disappoint, because we make him to be like us or else like the magic genie we desire! The TRUTH about our True and Living God encourages us to desire that intimate relationship with Him that alone fulfills and gives meaning to life!
    When those we counsel/disciple/mentor truly understand who God is and mature in their relationship with HIM, life changes to the Glory of God! That is so fun to watch!

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