Sharing Peace at Christmas

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When the shepherds were standing in the field that night, they announced the arrival of “Peace on Earth.” This peace would be possible through a relationship with God. Jesus had come near, to bring hope and help to all who would receive it. This was “Good News” of peace with God through trusting in Him.

Despite the peace that is available to us, many ignore it. They choose instead to seek peace in ways that will never satisfy.

Remember the story of Jesus with a woman who was thirsty? She was challenged to find her satisfaction in a relationship with Jesus, not in merely another cup of cold water. (Speaking of cold water, Jesus also told us to go and share a cup of cold water in his name, to any who were in need.)

For those of us who have experienced the peace of Jesus, we must share it and help those in need find a trusting relationship with Christ. Peace is a big deal to God, and it should be to us too. 

A Current Example

My mom (Sherry Allchin) excitedly texted me this week while she was on a trip visiting churches that are training individuals in biblical counseling. She visits churches often, but this church was different.

Over the past few years, she’s had the opportunity to lead a training group located near where she grew up in Mississippi. This group has a heart to disciple those leaving jail and others suffering with addictions. They’re helping individuals break the cycle of addictions that they face personally and often spread to their families.

The group even recently started a chapter in her hometown of Corinth, MS. Here’s why this was so meaningful for her.

Growing Up in a Family Without Peace

When my mom left Mississippi as a recent graduate of high school, she hoped she wouldn’t ever have to go back. Alcohol had ravaged her family, scattered them, and given her a strong desire to find a better life elsewhere.

Growing up in an alcoholic bootlegger’s family didn’t lead to many pleasant holidays, and even the average week was full of predictable hurt and chaos. Her dad drank himself to the point of severe mental instability, and other relatives weren’t much better. Predictably, the chaos has continued through multiple generations.

However, God was at work in my mom’s life, and she pursued her relationship with Him. She resolved to reverse the generational curses that many relatives around her continue to feel.

As she now trains a group of individuals to engage broken families like she grew up in, it’s a moment where life feels like it has come full circle. She can equip the hands of those who are bringing peace to the darkest corners of her hometown.

God has given her peace, and now she is blessed to help others bring peace to those in need. This is a powerful example of the Good News that was announced that Christmas night.

Recent Update from Sherry Allchin 

“One of the new students in our class was a drug addict two years ago and came for counseling. His Mom saw such fantastic results that she took the training last year to become one of the counselors.

“He’s been drug-free for two years and is just now feeling strong enough to help others, so he will be in the January class. He’s been coming to the Tuesday night training for 2 years and in the last few months has been going out with the group leader to meet with other addicts in the jail or on parole who say they want help.

“He will get the training to truly help and will in time become one of the counselors. His mom is thrilled! God is at work here!”

Who will you share peace with this Christmas?

Many of our readers have a personal story of redemption, whether fighting through addiction, a failed marriage, or a severe battle with depression. You know that finding peace in these moments is a battle of faith, but God is faithful!

When God gives us peace, we must share it!

The shepherds heard the arrival of peace on earth, and they didn’t keep it to themselves. They had to go find out more, and I’m sure they told that story the rest of their lives. It transformed them.

This Christmas season, we need peace more than ever. Commit to sharing that peace with others

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