How I Found God Faithful in Battling My Anxiety

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Battling My Anxiety

In this testimony, Carol Wright details how God has brought her through some severe and debilitating struggles with anxiety. She writes about how her anxious dread “kept me from being punctual in appointments and deadlines. It kept me from going back to school, and it kept a little, invisible black cloud hanging over my head (think doom and gloom). My mindset was that if the worst could happen, it would. However, one day that started to change.”

Chaotic Anxiety and God’s Promises

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In our anxiety, we often feel all alone. However, God promises that He is acting even when the chaos in us and around us makes it hard to see what God is up to. Three promises of God are particularly helpful when in the midst of our anxious moments.
Kenzie Crowley, who counsels in our Dupage (Winfield Office) and via Skype, writes about these three promises that are sure to bring hope to our struggles with anxiety.

Why I Wrote “HELP! I Get Panic Attacks”

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Panic Attacks are terrifying! What should you do if you or your loved one is experiencing a panic attack? Lucy Ann Moll, a BCC counselor, recently wrote a short book about this topic. In this post, she shares a few of her suggestions and an excerpt from the book. If you are looking for solid guidance on panic attacks, she is also available to counsel via online video from wherever you are in the country or world.

“Help me, Counselor! I’m Scared to Death!”

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How do you answer a friend who is persistently fearful? Can you help them grow and make progress? In this article, Sherry Allchin walks through a biblical counseling process to examine fear in a wise way. Whether you are struggling with fear or walking with a friend who is stuck, you can learn some practical and biblical strategies to overcome fearful patterns of thought and action.