What Does God Say to Weary Wives?

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what does God say to weary wives

Today’s guest blogger is Wendy Alsup, who writes about God at her website, Practical Theology for Women. She loves math, theology, and whales, and has authored three books: Practical Theology for Women, The Gospel-Centered Woman, and By His Wounds You are Healed. Wendy lives in Seattle with her husband, Andy, and two children. The post “Withering Wives” is reprinted with … Read More

What Does God Say to Porn Addicts?

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What does God say to Porn Addicts

Porn is highly addictive and ruins people’s lives. How can you or a friend find freedom from porn addiction? Listen to what God says to porn addiction. In today’s post, Luke Gilkerson, of Covenant Eyes, shares 4 strategies to break the grip of porn, using the light of Scripture. False Promises Three thousand years ago, King Solomon stood at the … Read More

Is Christian Marriage in Chaos?

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We know Christian marriage is under attack. When your own Christian marriage feels like chaos, you hurt deeply. You may wonder if you and your spouse are destined for continual disagreement and dissatisfaction. Is there a path forward, together? Your path forward is a plan on where and how to lead your home. Download the 5 S Leadership Assignment on God’s plan for the … Read More

The BEST Parenting Style!

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parenting style

It seems every few years a new parenting style is “in” — there has been only one best parenting style, God’s parenting style. God says, “Be the parent” to moms and dads of younger children. As children become teens and young adults, biblical instruction follows His design for their maturity. Nurture & Admonition in Balance God tells parents to provide … Read More