Father’s Day Special: BOOK!

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father's day special

Get our Father’s Day Special: FREE book!

The book is Growing in Wisdom: A Bible Study in Proverbs for Fathers and Sons by our very own Dr. Ron Allchin, D.Min., founder of Biblical Counseling Center. It encourages dads and their sons (and daughters too) who have plenty of questions about living life wisely. During his 40 years as a pastor and biblical counselor, Dr. Allchin has seen a downward spiral of our youth culture. Drugs, teenage pregnancy, alcohol, rebellion, and all human evil among teens have a common root: the rejection of wisdom because they did not choose to fear the LORD.

HOW can we reverse this trend? This interactive Bible study helps dads guide their teens on practical, successful, godly living. When a dad is unavailable, a grandfather, uncle, youth group leader, or a mom may fill his shoes. This book covers: MONEY, DATING, HONORING PARENTS, FRIENDSHIPS, CURSING, & OTHER TOPICS.

3 ways to get Growing in Wisdom–>


1. Snag a complimentary download.

Simply click on the link below and download the book to your computer or electronic device.

Growing in Wisdom book FREE download


2. Prefer a Kindle version?

For four days in June, the Kindle version is FREE. The free days are June 18, June 19, June 20 and June 21.

Do you want the book NOW or did you miss the free days?

No worries! We reduced our price from $7.99 to just $2.99 during June.

Get your Kindle book now! Click here and get your Kindle version


3. Like a paperback?

If you’d prefer a book you can go hold in your hands? Click here and order a book from CreateSpace. It’ll be shipped to your home. The proceeds benefit our counseling and training ministry.

Enjoy this Father’s Day Special!

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