Helping People Who Resist Counsel (part 2)

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How do you help people who resist biblical counsel, even though they need it? In part 2 of a two-part series, biblical counselor and a former BCC staffer Jeff Forrey tackles this problem. Jeff’s article appeared first here on the Biblical Counseling Coalition website and is used with permission.  Misunderstands Spiritual Growth Some hurting people might resist biblical counsel because they have … Read More

God Still Speaks, but Are You Listening?

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God still speaks. . .in what ways? And how can you improve your hearing? Today’s guest writer is Dr. Joel Badal, D.Ph., a dean and professor at Crossroads Bible College. This article appeared first here at Unlocking the Bible’s website and is used with permission. Through church history and even among our varied denominations, people often use words like, “The … Read More

When to Listen, When to Talk

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Today’s blog on how when to listen and when to talk helps you ask good questions and. . .listen well. Your spiritual conversations blossom. You help the hurting. Your life becomes richer. We welcome BCC biblical counselor Donna Hart, PhD, to our blogging team. This post first appeared here on Donna’s blog. Spiritual conversation is all about someone asking a good … Read More