Refusing to Let Anxiety Win

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ANXIETY: Here’s an encouraging story. Imagine being so afraid of driving that you never left your town. Imagine being like this for more than 20 years. A few years back, a father entered my office and asked for help with severe fear and anxiety. Think of the limitations associated with this. You can only select a job close by. Your … Read More

BOOK REVIEW: Descriptions and Prescriptions

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Psychiatric labeling and medicine: Doesn’t the average biblical counselor need a better understanding of medical matters? In his book Descriptions and Prescriptions: A Biblical Perspective on Psychiatric Diagnosis & Medications, author Mike Emlet encourages a balanced, “just right” approach. This book review by Nate Brooks appeared first here on The Biblical Counseling Coalition website and is used with permission. (Edited for … Read More

Depression: Is It All in Your Mind?

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Is depression purely a physiological condition of hormones or chemicals out of balance. Or, is there a heart/mind connection. Or, do both play a role? The experts have disagreed, so how do we as biblical counselors help those who suffer from depression? How can we help without pushing them further down into the quagmire of despair and shame? Depression Is … Read More

Psychiatric Medicine: 3 Questions to Ask

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Psychiatric medicine–It’s a red-hot-button topic among some Christians. We at Biblical Counseling Center always encourage biblical counselors to cooperate with prescribing physicians and to defer to doctors’ directions for taking medicines and weening off medicines. At our training seminars and in our workshops, we stress that every individual has a story that God cares deeply about. God has something to … Read More