Get in Condition to Pray

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It is by trial and error, by frustration and dryness, that I have learned that I cannot order up a praying heart. I have had to learn how to get myself in the frame of mind and condition to pray. This article by staff counselor Donna Hart, PhD, appeared first here at her personal blog and is used by permission. It … Read More

Do You Meditate?

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Do you meditate? The idea of meditation has a bad rep among Christians, but is there another side to the story? In this provocative article by Howard Eyrich, he encourages Christians to rediscover the biblical meaning of the word and enliven the ready of the Bible with meditation. This article first appeared here on the Biblical Counseling Coalition website and … Read More

God Still Speaks, but Are You Listening?

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God still speaks. . .in what ways? And how can you improve your hearing? Today’s guest writer is Dr. Joel Badal, D.Ph., a dean and professor at Crossroads Bible College. This article appeared first here at Unlocking the Bible’s website and is used with permission. Through church history and even among our varied denominations, people often use words like, “The … Read More