Chaotic Anxiety and God’s Promises

MicKenzie CrowleyFor Those Seeking Hope1 Comment

In our anxiety, we often feel all alone. However, God promises that He is acting even when the chaos in us and around us makes it hard to see what God is up to. Three promises of God are particularly helpful when in the midst of our anxious moments.
Kenzie Crowley, who counsels in our Dupage (Winfield Office) and via Skype, writes about these three promises that are sure to bring hope to our struggles with anxiety.

Embrace the Truth of Who God Is

Dr. Donna HartFor Those Seeking HopeLeave a Comment


When you embrace the truth of who God truly is, your burdens lift. If you choose to believe God is unjust and unloving, he’ll teach you to trust him through God-ordained trials. Today’s post is by biblical counselor Dr. Donna Hart, PhD, who works from our Arlington Heights, IL office. This article appeared first here on her website. When our … Read More

5 Promises of Hope & More!

Dr. Lucy Ann MollFor Those Seeking Hope2 Comments

promises of hope

I woke up sobbing, my tears spilling the pain of a secret childhood memory. My husband reached for my hand under the quilt, his green eyes searched mine. “What’s wrong, Lucy? What happened?” “I don’t know,” I lied. I knew the reason for my tears, these salty signals of pushed-down pain. With no warning the memory swept away my equilibrium … Read More