How to Avoid Relational Fireworks

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As families gather together to enjoy fireworks in early July, many fear that relational fireworks might appear too. Family gatherings, congregation church meetings, city council meetings, and children’s playoff sporting events all have the potential for relational fireworks. How do you prepare yourself when you have to be there, but you fear the relational hurt that often accompanies volatile situations? … Read More

How is the warmth of your relationships?

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Last week in Chicago we set records for cold weather, and the hero of my week was my new gas furnace. Despite having -50° wind-chill, our family stayed warm during the 48 hours straight that we stayed inside. One of life’s realities is that relationships, like a heater in the brutal cold, take work to stay warm. If we ignore … Read More

Thanksgiving Can Transform Your Relationships

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It’s more than turkey and pumpkin pie, or awkward family situations.  Those who practice Thanksgiving on a daily basis find that the practice of intentionally “giving thanks” to God and others impacts their life in incredible ways. Why does Thanksgiving make such a difference? Here are four ways that an intentional focus on thanksgiving can make a difference in your … Read More