The Best Parenting Style!

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parenting style

It seems every few years a new parenting style is “in”—but there has ever only been one best parenting style: God’s parenting style. God says “Be the parent” to moms and dads of younger children. As children become teens and young adults, Biblical instruction follows His design for their maturity. Nurture & Admonition in Balance God tells parents to provide … Read More

Depression: Is It All in Your Mind?

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Is depression purely a physiological condition of hormones or chemicals out of balance. Or, is there a heart/mind connection. Or, do both play a role? The experts have disagreed, so how do we as biblical counselors help those who suffer from depression? How can we help without pushing them further down into the quagmire of despair and shame? Depression Is … Read More

Do You Need Your Hope Restored?

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Restored HOPE is a desperate need of our world today. Doesn’t someone you know need hope restored? Do you? Dr. Ron Allchin, D. Min. shares how to restore hope and what Biblical Counseling Center is doing this year to restore hope, namely. . . . 1. Training churches in the U.S. and overseas to care for people. 2. Counseling the hurting to believe the … Read More

How We Train for Success

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Isn’t it great to read a success story? A father and mother needed help for their teen. They walked in the doors of New Hope Bible Church, a multi-cultural community of faith on Chicago’s west side, looking for help, for direction, for compassion, anything that would keep their at-risk teen out of gangs. The couple and their teen received one-on-one … Read More

SUICIDE: Ways to Prevent It

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peace despite suicide

Suicide. It’s nearly impossible to understand, but there are ways to help prevent it. NOTE: Always dial 911 immediately if you suspect someone has attempted suicide! Prevention strategies don’t always work. Someone whose determined to die sometimes is “successful” and dies. It’s sad, tragic.  I talked to a parent whose teen is struggling. Her 15-year-old friend killed himself after several … Read More

Every Wife’s Pain with Porn

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pain with porn

Every wife whose husband watches porn has this question: “Why am I not enough for him?” I’ve heard this question from every wife I’ve counseled whose husband is involved with pornography. Some of these wives knew about the porn before marriage, but naively believed that they could change their husbands. It’s common for a struggling couple to believe that their … Read More

Christmas HOPE from Us to You!

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Christmas HOPE 2014

Christmas HOPE from Us to You. This is our prayer on this day we celebrate Jesus’ birth. Sherry and I cannot express enough how thankful to God we are for you and for your faithful friendship. From the hopelessness of individual spiritual battles to financial struggles to insane wars or frightening Ebola outbreaks, HOPE is needed in the hearts of so … Read More