A New Normal: Conversations That Matter

Dr. Tim AllchinFor Those Giving Help4 Comments

Church as we know it has changed drastically over the last few years. Churches have also recently seen more and more people dealing with marriages under stress, increasing addictions, growing anxiety, and loneliness. Many have experienced job loss and financial distress; students are uncertain in school; graduates are wondering when they’ll be able to find a job. How can churches … Read More

When to Listen, When to Talk

Dr. Donna HartFor Those Giving Help, For Those Seeking Hope1 Comment

Today’s blog on how when to listen and when to talk helps you ask good questions and. . .listen well. Your spiritual conversations blossom. You help the hurting. Your life becomes richer. We welcome BCC biblical counselor Donna Hart, PhD, to our blogging team. This post first appeared here on Donna’s blog. Spiritual conversation is all about someone asking a good … Read More