Overcoming the Downward Spiral of Sin

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Have you spiraled into sin? Are you ready to “turn around”? Guest writer and pastor Paul Tautges encourages us to understand and stop the decline. There’s hope! His article appeared first here on his website and is used with permission. Recognizing the Spiral The downward spiral of sin is a consistent pattern in human beings. Therefore, we must heed the … Read More

Solitude: An Escape Place from Worldly Pleasures

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To escape seductive worldly pleasures, you might follow Jesus’ footsteps and choose sweet solitude. Dr. Donna Hart, PhD, a counselor at Biblical Counseling Center, first shared this article here on her website. It is used with permission. We wish our culture was a community that was radiant with the love of Christ, but that would be imagining heaven on earth. … Read More

TEMPTATION: 3 Ways to Escape!

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You can escape temptation. Knowing this brings hope, doesn’t it? If someone offered you houseboat a few yards above Niagara Falls, would you buy it? Of course not. Would you let your teen attend a Prom with a known drug user? No again. These are obvious risks. You wouldn’t feel tempted to “give in.” Temptation is an enticement to make … Read More

Counsel for a Life-Dominating Sin

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A life-dominating sin overtakes your thoughts and emotions. How can you help the hurting find freedom? Listen to this story:  Conner (a pseudonym) struggles with a life-dominating sin. A life-dominating sin slips in like a ninja and then overtakes all activities and beliefs, becoming the foundation from which future activities and beliefs are based. He hates this sin and longs … Read More

How Do You Define Yourself?

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How do you define yourself? People tend to think in categories, but don’t see that the parts make up the whole person — the man or woman or child who represents Jesus everywhere they go. By What You Do Let’s say a Christian man named Todd gets up in the morning and kisses his wife and kids before heading off … Read More

The Solution to Temptation

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Does temptation get the best of you sometimes? Brussels sprouts – yuck! The smell and taste disgust me. This vegetable is more of a deterrent than a temptation. If someone said I had to eat them before I could enjoy wonderfully delicious dark chocolate, I’d say “No Thanks” to both! Facing temptation is rarely this easy, however. When you and I … Read More