Waiting for a Delayed Family

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This article is written by BCC Counselor Sherry Allchin as part of our new series on the family. In this series, our counselors examine various difficulties of family life and share ways to pursue healthier family dynamics. It’s hard to wait for the family you so desire! But here you are again; no pregnancy this month. Another year has gone … Read More

How to Help Teens Fighting Depression

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This article is filled with references and resources to help you as a counselor or parent explore the root issues that can lead to your teen’s depression.

This is not a comprehensive, all-inclusive list, but it will prime the pump in asking the right questions to discover what your teen is believing, doing, and feeling. It will lead to some good conversations that will help your teen to balance their life in a more holistic approach.

One area affects the other, and when even one area is out of sync, it hurts the whole and affects the emotions negatively.

Pursuing Peace from My Shame

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What is shame, and why is it such a large part of the human experience? Shame is the emotion that accompanies guilt; it churns like a hurricane in the soul, causing anxiety, isolation, and despair. So how do we release that emotion back to a place of peace? We must recognize God uses our pain for good, to conform us to the image of Christ, and give us a greater platform of ministry to those who have shared experiences.

Truth about Death

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This Coronavirus Pandemic has brought the fear of dying to the forefront for so many! Death is scary for most, terrifying for some, but longed for by others! Why do we all have such differing and even conflicting views of death? And what is God’s perspective? To start with, God hates death and values death! Psalm 116: 15, “Precious in the … Read More

“Help me, Counselor! I’m Scared to Death!”

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How do you answer a friend who is persistently fearful? Can you help them grow and make progress? In this article, Sherry Allchin walks through a biblical counseling process to examine fear in a wise way. Whether you are struggling with fear or walking with a friend who is stuck, you can learn some practical and biblical strategies to overcome fearful patterns of thought and action.

Transforming Hospitality into Kingdom Impact

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This article is written by Sherry Allchin, a longtime counselor for Biblical Counseling Center.
You may not know the story of how a youth pastor’s wife became a full time biblical counselor with more than 25,000 hours of counseling experience. Sherry overseas our training and works with students around the world to learn the skills of biblical counseling, but it all began with a strong desire to bless others through hospitality.

Life as a Wife

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I find it very interesting that we have no record of Adam asking God for a mate, yet God knew he needed a wife and provided just what he needed! Many husbands still remain clueless to how much they really need us – LOL! But God knows, and God built into marriage a teamwork plan that really blesses couples who … Read More