Cutting: Why You Do It, How to Stop

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Cutting is a form of self-harm that, at its core, is rebellion against God. There’s hope: Jesus. Cutters are rescued in God’s kingdom! This article by pastor Pastor Deepak Reju appeared first here on Biblical Counseling Coalition’s website and is used with permission. Sally sat across from me and uttered it for the ten thousandth time, “I hate myself.” Though … Read More

Help for Compassion Fatigue

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Compassion fatigue can tire a biblical counselor and sideline him or her. The good news is compassion fatigue is largely preventable. This article by Joshua Waulk, director of Baylight Counseling, appeared first here at Biblical Counseling Coalition‘s blog and is used with permission.  During my law enforcement career, my comrades and I were repeatedly instructed to use caution when responding … Read More

Abuse: What’s a Counselor’s Duty?

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When a counselee confides abuse — physical or sexual — what should the biblical counselor do? Every secular counselor is a mandated reporter of abuse, which means they must report it to the authorities. If this applies to secular counselors, how much more it applies to biblical counselors! This article by Julie Ganschow appeared first here on the Biblical Counseling … Read More

Salvation: The Key to Counseling

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A counselee’s salvation is fundamental to effective counseling. The Holy Spirit brings about real heart change in the hurting person. Written by Ed Hines, this article was originally posted on the Faith Biblical Counseling Ministry’s blog, and is republished with permission. We understand that God, working through the Holy Spirit, is the one who brings about change in people’s hearts. (Ephesians 4:22-24]. … Read More

Be the Parent!

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A parent may think, “It’s so much easier to be their friend than the parent!” Friendship will come in time, but for now, BE THE PARENT! God will help you because it follows His design for your children’s maturity. Children are to obey their parents, and we parents like that command! But what about the part that requires a parent to … Read More

Your Worldview Matters!

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You have a worldview, and it colors how you see the world and how you solve your problems. This article by certified biblical counselor Lucy Ann Moll first appeared here on her website and is used with permission.  In this short article, you’ll discover: what a worldview is and why it matters to your spiritual growth. how to reclaim a Christian … Read More

Emotions: Powerful and Revealing!

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Emotions are powerful and they reveal what you value and desire. In this article by Dr. Donna Hart, PhD, which first appeared here on her website, you will dig deep into the meaning of your emotions. When I ask the question, “what are emotions,” the answer I often get is that they are feelings. They are a great deal more than … Read More