Saying Good-Bye Is Hard

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Saying good-bye is hard. . .so we’ll say see you later. Linda Powell is the BCC receptionist, who retires today. She truly cares, having lived terrible trials that became triumphs. . .all because of Jesus’ amazing love. This blog post gives you an insider’s view of our office and of the heart of a staffer. Linda, we love you! We will … Read More

Story: Dad Finds Peace

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A counselee's story

A dad find peace after something horrible happens to his daughter. In our ongoing series “A Counselee’s Story” you meet men and women just like you facing pain and getting help. Have you read the story of the troubled marriage restored? These are men and women we’ve counseled and who have found peace and hope through biblical counseling. To God … Read More

Story: Troubled Marriage Restored!

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A counselee's story

This true story tells of a troubled marriage restored. Biblical Counseling Center is now sharing our counselees’ stories, written by them. This ongoing series covers issues from troubled marriages to a dad heartbroken over the sexual assault of his daughter, from rebellious teens to older folks with shattered dreams–and more. Listen to Ed Owens as he shares how he and … Read More