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You’re invited to our 3rd Annual Biblical Counseling Conference in greater

It’s been a rough year for many churches in Chicago this year. Scandals involving abuse of power, financial mismanagement, sexual impropriety, and cover-ups have all hit the news. 

Sadly, many are beginning to wonder if all churches are like this.

“We have much work to do.”

As a ministry that cares deeply about the churches in Chicago and beyond, we strive to be part of the solution. BCC turns 30 this year. It is a year where we are looking back but also a year where we are planning forward. Our Legacy has been hope and healing for the past 30 years, but we have much work still to do.

At our 3rd Annual Biblical Counseling Conference on Saturday, April 27, we are seeking to help churches grow toward a healthier place.

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Power, love, sound mind

In II Timothy 1:7, we read that

“God did not give us a spirit of fear, but of power and love and a sound mind.” 

Think about those words: Power, Love, and Sound Mind. What if these were the adjectives that people think of when they hear about the church in their neighborhood? 

  • The “power” of undeniably changed lives.
  • A reputation for generous love.
  • The ability to keep a sound mind as we wisely navigate through life struggles.

Moving forward in power

Even though we can admit that the recent years have been ugly for many churches, are we going to be focus on our past and managing the fallout to our reputation, or will we move forward committed more than ever to be what God calls us to be?

Too often, we are marked by fear. Fear of the unknown… fear of the future… fear of unwanted struggles. Fear of change. The fear of being found out. Fear of embarrassment. Our fears distract us from being what God wants us to be.

It leads us to ignore the hurting around us and focus on ourselves. It undercuts the “Great Commission” and the “Great Commandment.”

We welcome Dr. Steve Viars

We have invited Dr. Steve Viars to speak at the conference. He and the BCC Staff will spend time helping you and your church refocus on two main things that must be necessary if you church will leave a lasting legacy in your community.

3 powerful sessions

In his first keynote session, Dr. Steve Viars will discuss how Faith Church in Lafayette, Indiana made a choice that they wanted their Legacy of “Loving their Community.” Faith Church is arguably the most generous church in America in its effort to bless their community through practical acts of service, biblical counseling, and strategic partnerships.

In his second keynote session, Dr. Viars will address why biblical counseling is in important part of developing a Legacy of “Loving Counsel” in your church. Too many church leave the sheep to wander and fail to protect and disciple the sheep. Faith Church is committed to providing wise and compassionate counsel in every ministry of the church and through strategic biblical counseling outreach opportunities.

In our third keynote session, Dr. Tim Allchin and Dr. Ron Allchin will be talking through best strategies for shepherding your church through biblical counseling. If you want some practical suggestions on how to make progress in helping your church grow in biblical counseling, this session will help you and offer several practical tools to help you grow.

If you wonder how your church could grow in biblical counseling, this keynote will have practical suggestions for moving your church towards a stronger embrace of biblical counseling. You will learn the 5 non-negotiables of an effective counseling church.

Practical workshops!

Workshops: We will also have workshops that will bring perspective to difficult struggles and how to have conversations of hope.

Workshop Session 1: “What about”

When my church hurts me

Women suffering abuse

Parenting a Prodigal

Same-Sex attraction?

Workshop 2: How can we?

Respond to help heal abusing church cultures

Respond to the abuser

Understanding the LGBTQIA+ identifications

Find unity in marriage and parenting

Workshops are on our signup page when you register for the conference. You will have the ability to select your own workshops at the event.

Join us April 27 in Schaumburg, Illinois, as we learn together how God desires for our churches to do more to reach a hurting world for Christ. Register for the conference today!

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