Moving Your Church in the Right Direction with Biblical Counseling

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At the bottom of this post is a free resource called 5 Mistakes Churches Make When Starting a Counseling Ministry.  In previous posts, we’ve asserted that: Biblical Counseling is an opportunity to shepherd the church well Churches should embrace equipping one another to care for the body in creative and unique ways I don’t believe you can fulfill the whole … Read More

Stop Ignoring Your Neighbors: Why Biblical Counseling Must Be Part of Every Healthy Church

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This post has a free resource at the bottom regarding “5 Things Your Church Needs to Launch An Effective Biblical Counseling Team“.  Growing up, I lived for nearly 10 years on a cul-de-sac in a Chicago suburb, but never physically saw my neighbor. They had a car with tinted windows and they pulled directly into their garage, shut the door, … Read More

Pain: Helping People Persevere

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Pain of every kind hurts: physical, emotional, spiritual . Your response to pain can spiral from discouragement to depression. Or, you can let pain teach to persevere and become more like Christ. Hurrying to answer her phone for a Skype appointment, Cheri accidentally slammed her toe into a Little People garage toy and lost her balance as she reached for … Read More

Welcome to Caring Like Christ

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Caring Like Christ

Welcome to Caring Like Christ! This five-part mini-series covers Biblical Counseling Basics. Video-driven, this series is a taste of what could happen in your life and your church through the Counsel of the Word. We hope you’ll want to know even more! Biblical Counseling belongs in the church, don’t you agree? For nearly 2,000 years, Christians have comforted, encouraged, and … Read More

Caring Like Christ: Part 1

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caring like Christ

Caring Like Christ is a mini-course designed for God’s Church. Here’s your chance to preview it! The Caring Like Christ mini-course has four parts; it trains ministry leaders and people in the pew in the basics of biblical counseling. This mini-course is part of our larger 24-session Foundations in Biblical Counseling training course. Part 1: Biblical Shepherding Jesus took the … Read More